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What are most efficient way to store solar energy?


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Solar energy, what is it exactly? Let us move on after making the concept of solar energy clear to everyone. The most renewable source of energy is none other than solar energy. Solar energy simply refers to the energy we get from the sun. Here we are talking about the energy that you get in the form of both sun rays and heat.

It is very important to harness this solar energy for a better and safe future. There are several efficient ways to store solar energy that we are going to discuss in this answer.

It is very interesting to know the solar energy storage methods:

1.Through Sun

Yes, it is possible to store solar energy through the sun. The outcome is electricity when the sun rises. Yes, it is right. But what is the secret behind electricity generation? Solar cells and turbines that get started through steam are the two mediums to generate electricity when the sun rises/shines. Do you know that it is possible to store this electricity that is generated? It may sound surprising, but it is true. There are two ways of storing;
1.Batteries: Here the solar energy/electricity gets stored in the form of electrochemical potential.
2.Supercapacitors: Here the positive and negative charges get separated and energy gets stored in the electric field.


Yes, it is also possible to store solar energy through salt. The salt gets melted at 131 degrees Celsius. So now it is in liquid form. Right! Now that liquid salt is stored 288 degrees Celsius to keep it cool. The salt in the liquid form is inserted into a solar collector through the panels designed within it. Here this solution is then heated up by the sun at 566 degrees Celsius. The hot storage tank is the place where the solution is then stored.


Yes, hydrogen can even be generated through solar energy. There are exactly two processes through which hydrogen is generated:
1.Direct solar water splitting, and
2.Water electrolysis is done through solar-generated electricity. In this case, PV-electrolysis is a well-known process.

Now how to store hydrogen?

Here is a chemical solution and electricity is passed through this solution. In this way, the hydrogen gets separated.

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4.Flow batteries

Wow, solar energy is even possible to be stored through flow batteries. Do you want to know how? Solar energy is always kept safe away from sunlight in an insulated space.

The batteries that need low maintenance are suitable for home use too. This is also the answer to how to store solar energy at home.

Have you people heard about flooded batteries? The boxes which are carefully kept in a ventilated condition or in short the locked boxes which we get to see in the garage are the proper places for storing solar energy in the form of hydrogen. Even we get to see the same somewhere in the shed.

How to store solar energy in plants?

Is this true that there is also a scientific way to store solar energy in plants? Yes, there is a way. You must be curious to know the process. Well, plants receive solar energy i.e, light energy, and convert it into chemical energy. We call it Photosynthesis. Carbohydrates are the compounds where most of the energy is stored.

So till now, we have discussed different types of solar energy storage systems.


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