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Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on | Astrology

What are remedies to get rid of Shani Mahadasha?


Content Writer | Posted on

1. Shani Mantra

“Om Nilaanjana Samaabhasam, Ravi Putram Yamagrajam,

 Cahaya Martanda Samhubhutam, Tama Namami Shanescharam”.

Recite this short Shani mantra for 108 times every day, If not having time, at least do 8 times daily to pacify Shani Mahadasha.

2. Hanuman Chalisa

Recite “Hanuman Chalisa” on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If not possible on all 3 days, at least do  on Tuesday. Try to visit Hanuman temple on every Saturday and light a lamp under the peepal tree.

3. Donate (Daan)

Donate black cloth, mustard oil, blanket, iron articles, black cow, buffalo, black Gram (Urudh Dal) to Orphanage or Beggars on Saturdays

4. Visit Navagraha temple

Pay a visit to Navagraha temple and doing Shani pooja on Saturday is one of the most effective remedies during Shani Dasha. 

5. Mrityunjaya Mantra

"Om tryambakam yajāmahe sugandhim puṣṭivardhanam
urvā rukamiva bandhanān mṛtyor mukṣīya mā'mṛtāt".

If your Shani Dhasha effect is very severe then recite this mantra before stating your day to protect yourself from untimely accidents.



student | Posted on

WORK with GREAT control and request without considering rewards else it hampers your wellbeing.

In the event that conceivable avoid things that Saturn doesn't bolster - keep away from an over the top hotshot, Daydreaming, Poor systems, absence of request, taking poor consideration of your wellbeing, hurried achievement and so forth.

Significantly after this Saturn will toss hindrances however harms can be limited when you play it safe. It gets a kick out of the chance to test your understanding and coarseness. Make 1 stride at once. Take centered endeavors. Practice genuine contemplation since you need it for inspiration. Try not to be innocent. Pick your companions shrewdly. Also, indeed, Don't make adversaries or attempt to battle a lot for anybody's privileges since you would have such a large number of issues to manage as of now. You can do all that when you are in a steady position post this multi year extensive stretch.

You will get hellfire parcel of exercises and you will turn out to be a lot more astute than you were. This in itself is an incredible learning. Stay under the radar and attempt to fabricate a viable good faith. Trust me - regardless of what individuals state about Saturn - It will be the most noticeably awful time of your life yet you would be glad for yourself for adapting so much ! All the best ! :)