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Rinki Singh

Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on | Science-Technology

What are some cool features that you have seen on a plane?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

If you’re going to travel in the first-class of the likes of Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways or Virgin Atlantic, you will see plenty of incredible features and facilities that you can only think of.

One of the features I love in these luxury class is closed door suite. It’s like a private room that you get in the air. These suites completely redefine the traveling comfort concept. A delight, really! It’s like a 7 star room. Really.

Also, such airplanes provide you the facility of taking shower. Imagine, 1000 ft above land and taking shower!

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of cool features and facilities that such airlines offer. Like instant messaging option where you can talk to individuals sitting in different seats. Getting your personal cabinets and wooden tables are also very amazing for traveling on an airplane.

Check out this cool video review by Casey Neistat, traveling in the first-class suite of Emirates.



@letsuser | Posted on

I once went on a Lufthansa flight which had the coolest windows ever!

Ordinary windows in planes have the 3-glass organized window sheet with a shade that can be pulled down in the event that you want murkiness.

Given that it was a late night flight, I needed to go to sleep. I got to my seat and promptly saw something bizarre about the window - no shade to pull down!

Underneath the window, there was a semi-roundabout dark catch. What I didn't see, was the other semi-roundabout half by the dark catch, was itself a catch, however white in shading. Since the body of the airplane is white, it mixed in and wasn't completely excessively evident to me.

I hit the dark catch once, however didn't see any noticeable change. Depleted, I attempted to rest.

Part of the way through the flight, I really wanted to hit the dark catch on numerous occasions. What's more, that is the point at which I witnessed it. The window continued getting darker till it nearly passed out any light originating from outside! The catch tinted the window (electronically???) increasingly more with each press, evacuating the requirement for window conceals.

I at that point saw the white catch above it which did the inverse.

The COOLEST windows ever!