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What are some cool smartphone hacks?


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Here’s a very common one…

When you’re charging your phone, turn it into Flight mode. It will boost the charging speed A LOT! This is a great method for those who still don’t have a device with fast charging capability. 

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: TechRadar.com)

Talking about batteries… AVOID using your phone when charging it. There’s a reason why charging cables are so short, Manufacturers don’t want you to use the phone when charging. Because it significantly reduces its life. 

smartphone-hacks-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: BGR.com)

There are many other cool smartphone hacks.

Like this one…

smartphone-hacks-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Instructables)

If you get power cuts in your home, try this: turn on your phone’s flashlight, put the phone flat on the floor and then put a clear plastic bottle full of water straight on the top of the flashlight.

It will illuminate the whole space.

Another Smartphone hack is taking pictures through continuous shots. (Well, it isn’t really a “hack” but many people don’t know about this!)

We usually click tens of pictures and then pick the best one to edit and upload on social media. The problem here is that it’s a time-consuming task. We click a picture, we check it first and then click another one.

Continuous shots solve this. On one click we can take multiple pictures at the same time. Some of them turn out to be quite good and spontaneous.

Try it. 

Selfies should not necessarily be taken from the front camera. If you have a pretty face (or a very good editing tool), take selfies through the rear camera. The pictures will come much more detailed. Whereas pictures taken from the front camera is comparatively much softer. 

smartphone-hacks-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Allure)

Here are some other cool smartphone hacks:

• When recording videos, cover the phone’s mic for noise control.
• Fit around your charging wire the pen springs to protect it from getting damaged. 

smartphone-hacks-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Pinterest)

• If you fear losing your phone, in the lock screen, put your contact details. Whoever finds your phone can then easily call you and return it back to you. 

smartphone-hacks-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: YouTube)

• It could be frustrating to see smudges on your screen. An easy way to clean it off is to use an eraser. Eraser grabs all the dirt, oil and lines… leaving the screen super clean.

These are some cool smartphone hacks. 


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