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parvin singh

Army constable | Posted 22 Sep, 2020 |

What are some lesser known/interesting facts about Lord Krishna?

parvin singh

Army constable | Posted 23 Sep, 2020

  • At the point when the earth and Devas had argued to Sri Hari Narayan to kill Kamsa and different Asuras, the Lord had culled out his dark hair and said this dark hair will be conceived as Krishna on the earth. In any case, during the hour of Devaki getting pregnant for the eighth time, the sacred texts state that with the longing of government assistance of the three universes, Bhagavan Sri Vishnu entered the belly of Devaki. This reality fortifies that there is no contrast among Bhagvana and his parts. Vedanta Sutras uncover that Brahman is without a section, so if Bhagavan has no part, that implies each part is an 'entire' itself. Subsequently, this little episode builds up reality of Vedanta superbly.
  • The six undeveloped organisms were in all honesty the six children of Kalanemi, sibling of Hiranyakashipu,who were planted by Yogamaya (on the request for Vishnu) in the belly of Devaki. They were committed towards Vishnu in their previous existences however Hiranyakashipu, who was against the Lord, had reviled these young men to be slaughtered by their own dad, since they weren't surrendering Hari-bhakti. Presently, those equivalent six young men were conceived from Devaki and murdered by Kamsa the following moment, who was as a matter of fact Kalanemi renewed. Hence, the revile got satisfied and Vishnu guaranteed that his aficionados live immediately in this Mrityu-loka, and return to him rapidly with no sufferings. 
  •  Yogamaya and Vishnu had entered the bellies of Yashoda and Devaki individually simultaneously. While Krishna was conceived on Ashtami of Bhadrapada month, Krishnā (Yogamaya) was conceived on Navami of the exact month. 
  •  Vasudeva had not gone to Gokul for trading the children. The second Vasudeva had crossed the Yamuna conveying Krishna in the crate, he had spotted Nanda and others remaining in a transitory asylum on the banks of Yamuna. They had really come to Mathura to pay duties to Kamsa. So Vasudeva immediately traded the children in Mathura itself.