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Aditya Singla

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What are some things that writers hate to hear?


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This is a known fact that writers are a sensitive breed. They are deep, intelligent, and all, yes, but when we criticize them or their work, there is no one as irrational and impatient as them.

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There are some things that all writers hate equally to hear. Below are some of them.

1. Make it sound easy and catchy, and in limited words.

All the writers hate when their free-flowing thoughts are restricted by the word-limit.

2. It’s very long, no one would read the whole of it.

And they really can’t stand people telling them that their writings are not engaging enough.

3. It was better before, without these changes.

First, you are asked to make the changes and then you get “it was better before”. Nothing is more annoying.

4. This needs to be edited.

Their writings being handed-over for editing and judging. This is one of their worst nightmares.

5. Stick to the given keywords.

What they would think internally is, “did I mug up the whole dictionary for this day?”

6. What’s the earliest we can get this article?

It irritates writers when they are pressed hard on the deadlines. Especially when a certain thing needs good research.

7. I think you need to start from scratch.

One more nightmare. Giving up their writing and start all over again.

8. You have made a typo.

They really don’t like to be told that they have made some silly linguistic or grammatical mistake.

9. Can you please give me a suitable title/caption for this?

When people come to them and disturb them for a petty thing like titles and captions, just because they know a language better than anyone else.

10. The language used is good but I can’t understand your point.

They have a knack of using words like flowers, that is, for decorating their writings. So beware before you devoid them of this one luxury they love to enjoy.


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