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What are the 5 Benefits of Working With the Best Virtual Phone Number Provider?


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Firms look for competent communication mediums to boost their overall productivity and customer experience (CX). For this purpose, cloud telephony’s virtual phone numbers can definitely help a business organise its processes better. These numbers are not directly connected by a phone line, eliminating the limitations of traditional wired phones.

Virtual phone numbers operate on mobile phone numbers that provide updated business features without having to upgrade your old hardware. Furthermore, it enables customers to contact you from anywhere in the world and ensures maximum customer satisfaction, which should be a priority for a successful business.

These numbers can be easily integrated with IVR, and you can link multiple extensions to one telephone line. With impressive features like intelligent routing, call recording, detailed call analytics, etc., virtual numbers are the road to pleasant customer experience. Your clients and agents can reap the benefits of this service’s simplicity.

Let us understand the merits of availing a virtual phone number system for your business:

1. Establish a local presence 

Customers find contacting local service providers to be more convenient. Local calls are much more attractive than the prospect of paying exorbitant charges for international or outstation calls. It becomes even easier for callers when a business phone line has just one or two contact numbers. Moreover, a local phone number adds a personalised touch to the service. It assures the customers that you care about their preferences.

2. Cost-efficient 

Call charges of this number are usually cheaper compared to local carrier charges. By getting a virtual number for your business, your customers won’t have to worry about paying high phone bills. With cloud telephony providers like Servetel offering bulk minutes and amazing rates, it makes sense for a business to opt for virtual phone numbers.

3. Creates a professional image 

No one wants to approach a business that looks unprofessional. Virtual phone numbers allow businesses to have multiple extensions on a single line. This means customers can call different departments like customer support or sales on a single phone number. The time saved thereby, coupled with excellent customer service, boosts the brand’s image. 

4. Geographically flexible

Virtual numbers give agents the freedom to work from anywhere in India, whereas clients can reach them by dialling the same number. Even if your agent simply moves his desk phone, there’s no fear of the connection getting disrupted—most providers offer close to 100% uptime guarantee and no call drops.

5. Detailed analytics 

Every call made through the virtual number produces insightful reports that are helpful for the business. This feature helps analyse every call immediately and provides a holistic approach to improve your business decisions through feedback.  

With such benefits at hand, your business can reach new heights. Virtual numbers are the right solution for all businesses alike, giving them flexibility and mobility. This one-time investment will drive your business growth significantly while allowing you to cut down on costs. 


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