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What are the 5 best cantrips of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons?


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Here is my derivative for often non-harm spells:

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5) Prestigidation: you may do practically something with it. Create a signal of a rival street gang at the blouse of a person you hate, and also you dont need to get your arms dirty ;)

4) Frostbite: better than vicious mockery, as it does 1d6 bloodless harm on a Cons. Save fall, and it has drawback on its subsequent weapon attack roll. YES PLEASE! Aaaand the goal does not ought to listen or understand you… Vicious Mockeryis sortsortof overestimated

3) Toll the Dead: I dont see many human beings use this, but it's far a non-public favourite. On a expertise keep fail, the target takes 1d8 necrotic harm, or if already hurt, 1d12. 1D12 DAMAGE GUYS. This is the potential to be quite a dangerous cantrip, and it does deal greater damage as you pass up levels! Also, there's no ray or whatever, so that you can conceal and cast it and be best.

2) Minor Illusion: noticeably neglected for my part! While a person is speaking, you.Can minor phantasm a few words of your own choice and cross from breaking up a wedding, to letting THE GUARDS LET YOU GO, to getting a man beheaded when he changed into seeking to greet the king. (Also very useful to make minor illusion boxes or barrels to hide you and your small-sized buddies) AND YOU CAN MINOR ILLUSION A DISGUISE! Just plop a mustache and/or bear on yourself as an phantasm, and walk proper by way of the guards!

1) DRUMROLL PLEASE, for the BEST cantrip there's, MOLD EARTH!
You can move 5x5x5 square ft of stone or dirt as one action. Oh no, the climate is awful at the mountaintop? Boo hoo hoo… TIME TO MAKE A MINECRAFT STONE HOUSE!! :V

Oh no, a deep pit you might fall into? Make a pair beneficial ledges of dirt or stone to actually simply make a staircase down!

Those kobolds are chasing you? Make a stone wall 5 toes tall and thick in front of them!! Let's see how rapid they are able to mine!

You're out of guns, tied up, hurt, and want to make your escape out of this dungeon? How about a BLOCK OF STONE, 5x5x5 ft large to fall on the guards head? Yes, very great certainly ;)

And also, DID I MENTION you can make figures/styles seem in the stone/dust or maybe TURN THAT AREA INTO ROUGH TERRAIN?

I dont realize about you men, but a 5 foot tall stone statue which seems precisely like the wealthy noble you “sculpted"? Sell it!! That's 50-three hundred g.P in your pocket!

You can LITERALLY make an entire stone cathedral with all of the inscriptions and drawings in the walls which can be wished, simply installed a few stained glass windows if you want, or a row of timber benches.

This is a hundred% the quality cantrip there may be. Eldritch blast? Out of my FACE! Vicious mockery? ***** you! ANY SPELL OR ANYTHING THAT NEEDS TO SEE you to hurt? In my a*s boys, due to the fact you could give yourself 3/four cover in a single spherical.

You can till the farm in minutes, write alien signs and symptoms and alerts in the dust, you can improve partitions to give your self cowl or stop a person else from following you, supply someone ELSE cover, drop blocks of stone or dirt on people's heads, make the gargoyle ‘start to pass' on the roof, make small stone houses, make small stone crypts underground to sleep in in case you worry approximately being located, dig up dead our bodies for the necromancer buddy, and so forth and on! You say prestigidation has lots of uses? 


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