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What are the 5 simple ways to reduce your sleep?


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Before getting to the ways in which one can reduce his/her sleep, we need to understand what exactly does sleep, and the amount of sleep one needs, mean.

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Sleep is the servicing or relaxing you provide your body to make up for all the exhaustion that your body has gone through in the whole day. Therefore, the amount of sleep an individual need is directly proportional to the amount of energy he/she has lost throughout the day.

So, to reduce the sleep we need to figure out how we can save our energy in such a way that our daily activities are not disturbed.

Now that we know the mantra, I guess it would be easy to guess the five steps that can help you what you want.

1. Eating fresh food helps in saving your energy a lot. According to yoga experts, when we are cooking food, we are killing it and a killed thing starts rotting with time. Therefore, the more we wait to eat the food after it is cooked, the more it will harm us and drain our energy, as the kept food induces inertia in the consumer. It is recommended to eat the prepared food within 90 minutes.

2. Along with the time of eating food, the quality of food also determines how much sleep one needs to a great extent. The commercialized food products which contain synthetic food and preservatives affect our digestive system and affecting our sleep hence.

3. Also, one should eat simpler foods instead of complex food to save our energy.

4. People, who practice yoga and meditation can flourish even with 4 hours of sleep, while some people can’t survive after even taking the sleep of eight hours. So practicing yoga can also help, as it relaxes your body to a great deal.

5. If you fill yourself with joy and happiness from inside, you will feel lighter and thus require less sleep. This can only be achieved when you are content and not needy. When you learn to be satisfied with whatever you have, your sleep will automatically reduce.


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Mentally, rest is conversely corresponding to the fulfillment you have in your life. The more you are happy with yourself, the less you rest. So as to rest less, ensure you accomplish your fantasies, assuming any.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to decrease your resting hours to accomplish something, at that point you should simply upgrade your degrees of focus on the objective. Keep a solitary objective and pin-center around it.

Despite what might be expected, on the off chance that you don't have an objective you despite everything need to lessen the dozing hours, I would prescribe you to make your life all the more intriguing by including some experience. Begin making new side interests; travel as much as could be expected under the circumstances with the goal that you show signs of improvement perspective on the neglected piece of nature. Encounters make us alive. Begin living better. As you head, you will experience something that will entrance you and help you in defining an objective.

Focussing on the objectives can help in decreasing the rest time.

Generally significant, keep up a standard time-table. That is, rest at a fixed time (if conceivable, at 10pm) and get up ahead of schedule (perhaps, at 5am). Try not to attempt to lessen your resting hours definitely at a go, on the grounds that you will wind up hurting your psychological self. Or maybe, I would propose to diminish it progressively. In the end, your body will conform to 4–5 hours of rest. Recall that there are numerous who had little rest and still were effective.

Good luck!


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