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Owner | Updated 10 Mar, 2019 |

What are the advantages of social media?

Nikita Dikshit

Digital Marketing Executive | Posted 19 Mar, 2019

Hi Rahul,
As I working in Mumbai based Web Development & Digital Marketing company & through whatever knowledge I gain social media marketing is all about to create awareness about your product & services. Social media is a great medium to reach out to your audience.

But while doing these you will have to focus on some important points
1. Gather information about your product
2.identyfy your audience
3.Target relative audience
4. create some case studies
On social media platform is having huge & crazy active audience its allow you to promote your services beyond country boundaries. Therefore you will have to implement your strategies very carefully. People on facebook or Instagram could prefer to use these platform to make friends & read out stories of others, they are not an intent buyer.
so we need to create some stories which reflect your product or services through that we can manipulate or relate with that story we target them emotionally & technically.
These are some other platform you can use for marketing:
All the above are has their own nuts & bolts which we need to fit very carefully at social media.

misha rajpoot

@misha | Posted 15 Mar, 2019

Various advantages of social media are:-


2.Knowledge improvement.

3.Help in various studies related issue.

4. Sometimes even help to take the right decision.

5. can learn about anything happening in any part of the world.

Dazzling Dazzler

Student | Posted 13 Mar, 2019

We are all familiar with the term Social Media as this is the new reform on the Internet.  When we see around almost everyone is using Social media for some specific reason or just like that. there are many advantages of social media one can use it for the promotion of their products, company, or blog. it can be widely used to spread news across the world. many people are making money by using social media.

Nikita Dikshit

Digital Marketing Executive | |Updated 13 Mar, 2019


Social Media allows us to be social right!

With the business point of view, social media is all about creating awareness about your product and services. Do you believe Alone Facebook has around 5Billion plus active audience On its platform which constantly looking for something new? 

It's the huge number right!

We don't want to miss that audience, Below are some parameters you should follow to build social media presence:

1. Gather information about your product

2. Know your audience

3. Target relative audience

4. create some case studies

5. Identify customer persona (like dislikes, buying behavior etc)

6. Awesome content

On social media platform is having huge & crazy active audience its allow you to promote your services beyond country boundaries. Therefore you will have to implement your strategies very carefully. People on could prefer Facebook or Instagram to make friends & they are story readers of others, they are not an intent buyer, so tell them about services in the form of Story it will affect engagement.

I hope the above article helps you start your promote services & please leave the comment if I missed something & we need your suggestion too.

For more details & Digital marketing services Hit below link:


Prajval Gupta

Student | Posted 12 Mar, 2019

Social media has progressed leaps and bounds and now it stands at a verge where it is about to undergo a complete revolution through AI.
Social media has grown upto become a necessity rather than just using it  foe connections it is being used by Zuckerberg.
Social media allows you to make a larger number of connections and then let them know who, what , were, why of your personal life.
We have a flexibilty to chose amongst so many people with whom we wish to talk and with some of them simultaneously.
Social media is an active tool for marketing( digital marketing) where in a large number of people of diversified age a group.
Social media is a place where we celebrate joy, depression everything and along with friends try to make it even better.
Other than that Social Media can be used as a business model too.
People use social media platforms to cater to a large audience  that wishes to sell, buy or trade in goods, used products and free coupons of products.

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Excelanto Cloud

Digital Marketing Analyst | |Updated 15 Mar, 2019

The Question is what are the advantages of Social media? Let us see in the context of brand building and for an individual.


We live in an information era. Social media with the intention to stay connected with our perks now turned out to be a market place. Where people are there is a chance of business. A brand can stay connected with this customer in online too. It can follow its customers and keep them updated about new offers. Social media is where the customer spends maximum time and likes or dislikes are shared with no hesitation. This helps any brand to focus and ensure the brand remains loyal to its customers.


Both introverts and extroverts are active in socializing in online. This makes them an opinion champion. They are allowed to communicate loudly with the intention to have likes, shares, and comments. Either the public or friends of friends will know one's interests, likes, opinions, and thoughts.

Social media helps to understand once choice and preference. For more details https://www.excelanto.com/solution.php.

misha rajpoot

@misha | Posted 12 Mar, 2019

Various advantages of social media are:-

1. People can easily communicate with each other.

2. People get a platform where they share their feelings, emotions, thoughts with each other.

3. It also helps to maintain the long-distance relationship.

4. People also get the chance to see each other live.

Jagriti Malik

@Jagriti | Posted 11 Mar, 2019

There are infinite advantages of social media. Some of them are -

1. It helps us to keep in touch with family and friends who are far away.

2. Social media is very helpful when it comes to expanding your business. You can create online sites and promote your business through it. Search engine optimisation is the best way of attracting your customer.

3. It helps us to acquire knowledge and information about the whole world and let us know what's happening around us. 

4. We can know different opinions of different people though social media. Twitter is the biggest example of this. 

5. you can easily store and share information safely across the world.

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Mira Smith

Academic consultant | Posted 11 Mar, 2019

Nowadays social media is everywhere and everyone is on social media, that's why it is the best tool for every business to bring engaging business and traffic. Apart from this, we all are dependent upon it for our own purpose. Every organization or company needs to enhance its business and revenue, Social media is the best platform to promote and grab the user attention on business. It plays a very important role to connect people from every corner of world. In present time Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are the leading social media platform.

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 10 Mar, 2019

When we look around us,we see people walking with their heads bowing down to their mobile phones,completely engrossed in them.If we stop and ponder for a second,the time when letters used to be the sole bringers of elation and sorrow seems to have passed into oblivion.The concept of social media has completely revolutionized the whole concept of communication.Even though it has been berated for it’s negative aspects but the positive ones always seem to overpower them.The sole purpose of social media was to connect people all across the world which it has done exquisitely and also provided convenience by introduction of voice calls,video calls,etc.One of the many things it has done is it enables fast spread of information i.e., an event occurring all the way over to the west can be streamed by you sitting by the window in your study,just like that.Also,it makes one aware and empowers people like how the #MeToo movement spread like wildfire setting many women free of their trauma and finally dragged the perpetrators.Social media has also generated jobs like social media marketing,influencers,youtubers,viners etc.It has also become a platform to make a business run as apps like Instagram allow you to make a business account where you can track activity and promote your business side by side.