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What are the best investment Options ?


Banker | Posted

The choice of investment depends on your financial goals, your investment horizon, and your risk appetite. If your goal is to save tax then opt for investments like PPF, tax saving FD, NPS, ELSS. If your goal is to generate a retirement corpus then you can go for PPF, equity mutual funds, and NPS. Gold and real estate are other asset classes. It is best to always consult  a finance expert before investing your money.


Software Developer | Posted

Investments can differ from person to person and according to the availability of the resources.

Still some of the best sectors to invest money are:

1. Mutual Funds- These are the pooled money that is invested in shares of  big and small companies .

When these companies earn profit, a part of it is shared to the people who invested as dividend.

2. Real Estate- It is one of the largest and fastest growing sector in the country.

It has the potential to multiply the money real fast.

With the increase in the property rates, the quantum of money that can be earned is huge.

3. Stocks and Shares- Share Market is one of the best places to make an informed investments.

One should acquire information of the company, its track record and other options before buying shares of it.

4. Gold- Gold as an investment is a very good option.

The price fluctuation in this is less in comparison to the share market which is very volatile.

Nowadays, Gold monetisation schemes, bonds in golds are very good options .

5. Startups- Startups having a good idea can change the fate of nation as well as the people.

Many small companies that started recently have joined the Unicorn status.



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