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What are the best strategies for social media marketing?


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1. Increased Integration

As I said before, a business without a social media platform is like tea without sugar. It is important to integrate social media platforms after designing a website. In 2019, majority of companies are going to focus on social media integration and those who have already integrated the platforms but are not active, it is suggested to get active because you guys are missing out on thousands of potential customers. Social media development is a path to visibility, advertising and growth. By integrating social media, you can allow users to sign up for email lists using their social media accounts. While sending newsletters to users, you can add your icons and motivate them to follow back. However, adding multiple networks for login can give plenty of options to the users.
#2. Live Streaming and Video 

Nowadays, the connecting pattern with the users on social media is changing tremendously and it has shifted from writing to video content. Irrespective of whether it is a live update or a recorded video, this is an important social media tactic that cannot be ignored by the business owners.
According to HubSpot, 43% of users on social media want to see more video content from the promoters. That is why, businesses are focused on publishing 18 videos per month on an average, this results retaining a little over one – third of its viewers (37%) at the end. Furthermore, 85% of businesses focus on in-house staff and resources for video development.
It is not the end here, you will find the stats posted by Quicksprout.com quite interesting – 67% of users buy a ticket of the event after watching a small live video or you can say trailer of that event.
After knowing this, you can start focusing on video marketing and live streaming in 2019. These features will give you the immediate response from the users and help you to work accordingly on your product or service.
#3. Facebook continues to rule 

If you are starting a business then it is assumed that you are prepared to face the worst and best situations. The same has happened with Facebook. In spite of negative promotions related to its data privacy and security practices, etc. users are still considering Facebook for their business promotion and as per the study of the newsroom of Facebook, in 2018, Facebook has active users of around 2.27 billion monthly. This data is extremely commendable that Facebook has achieved till now and in future too, it will keep growing. That is why Facebook is also called the king of social media.
In 2019, you should focus on these three parameters of Facebook:
Facebook Messenger:
It a very popular application. As per expandedramblings.com, the Facebook messenger has 1.3 billion users and 11% of the worldwide population is using it monthly.
Facebook Spaces:
For great engagement purpose, Facebook has introduced its own virtual reality meeting place known as Spaces that can be used with Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. This allows users to develop and customize their own appearance, interact with others, draw 3D objects and host live events or live video streaming, etc.
Facebook Watch:
All businesses and users follow on demand service pattern for instant response. This feature of Facebook is the video-on-demand service that is used for long-form content and shows. You can focus on this feature to design videos and shows for better engagement.
I hope in 2019, your first target will be Facebook…
#4. Investment In Social Ads will increase
All social media platforms offer the paid ads feature that helps their users to promote their business on large scale. Similarly, as per the study of Zenith Media, investment made in ads is expected to increase by more than 20% that is $58 billion.
Though investment in the paid ad is increasing but conversion for social media marketing relies upon a call to action (CTA). Instagram gets a good response from its “Shoppable Tags”, whereas pop up advertisement on Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube will continue gaining the sales from social media and also test new techniques for the same.
#5. Instagram stories

Instagram has become popular and one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. It was introduced in August 2016 with a parallel feature of Snapchat, according to the study of Quicksprout, Instagram stories immediately expanded to over 100 million daily active users in a month.
Most of the businesses on Instagram are posting at least one story each month and in return receiving at least one direct message. This feature is going to trend in 2019 as well because users get a chance to post video and photos that disappear in 24 hours. Moreover, it permits users to include filters, stickers, text and drawings. You can also design polls to ask questions and collect valuable data on your audience.
#6. Messenger Apps and Chatbots 

The messenger apps and chatbots help businesses to communicate with customers and vice – versa. We all are aware of the popularity of Facebook messenger and its working as well. This is crucial because users on Facebook aren’t always on it with an aim to purchase a product. In case, the user does the same and gets landed on a business page and finds something interesting then the user can contact them via messenger and chatbots. In 2019, integration of messenger and chatbot is going to increase because engagement rate is going to be high and they can reach through Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik, etc.
#7. User–Generated Content

User-generated content is a content that is designed by actual fans of businesses. Businesses can utilize it to advertise their products and services. It is in form of photos, videos and memes that will motivate users to get involved with the business strategy.
Most crucial advertisement method is word-of-mouth publicity plays a significant role in this technology-driven market. People don’t entertain simple marketing tactics, they are more interested in behind the story or actual situation based example that you should introduce in your story and memes. YouTubers are the big example that plays an important role in social media marketing as they stream videos on real-life situations that create interest among users and increase views and engagement. This is how user-generated content personalizes the products in the simple way that businesses usually aren’t able to perform.
#8. Augmented Reality 

Many businesses have already started implementing Augmented Reality in smaller ways and it is showing tremendous impact that will last for a long time in future. It is predicted by the experts that augmented reality and virtual reality markets will surpass in billions by 2023. The famous example is Snapchat’s facial filters. Many other platforms are also adopting for better user experience. Still, you have not considered this feature then you can consider and implement it in your business. Because soon this feature will continue to become more frequent on other platforms to increase the reach for personalizing communications.


SEO Executive | Posted on

Best strategies for Social Media Marketing is to create meaningful content, images and videos that you could make engagement to your audience.


student | Posted on

Here are some of the strategies of social media marketing.

1.Facebook marketing.

2.Instagram marketing.

3.Twitter marketing.

4.Linkedin marketing.

If you have any website and want to promote your website through social media you can contact Uni Square Concepts as the best social media company in South Delhi. Their packages include content development, creation of graphics, designing, and conceptualization, structuring and planning at various levels. The social media marketing tactics deployed by them differ from others, as they formulate a planned marketing outline based on the prerequisites, in terms of the actual purpose.


Software Developer | Posted on

Share interesting as well as user engaging post, ask a question to the audience regarding the product give comments. You can try paid Advertisement for Facebook, Use hashtags, join relevant groups. Social Media Marketing is very useful as it brings a lot of traffic to a website and assists in your business growth.


Blog Strategist | Posted on

Social media helps upcoming businesses, individuals and brands in establishing themselves and reaching out to a larger audience. This is done by enabling such users to launch profitable and effective social media campaigns.

 Social media marketing is regarded as an art form. With the right tools (Management Tools, Monitoring Tools) and strategies, you can be a social media superstar and can leverage this to your greatest advantages. 


Active Presence On All Or Most Social Networks:

Everyone has a social network of your choice. But, as a brand, business or an individuals, you should not just stick to one social network. You should use this to your advantage. By setting up your presence in different or all social networks, you thereby reach to a larger audience. You might be very well comfortable with twitter while your next big sale connect is on Facebook. You need to promote and be active on all social media platforms that perform better than others. But do not put all your eggs in one basket. Concentrate more on that specific platform but do not abandon the other networks.

Promote Content That Aligns With Your Brand:

Be it twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest, the best way to showcase your case brand is by curating content for what you know about. By promoting what you already know you`re building you’re building your expertise in that field. You might get tempted to promote posts that attract larger attention, but such posts will not be of any use to your brand. Everything that you do portray on social media should fit within the identity of the brand.


This is one of the best, fastest organic way to grow your reach and following. Using tags help you reach a larger audience. Most importantly, it helps you reach an audience that is interested in that subject matter. Herby this increases your post engagement. Most people often neglect using tags in their posts. You might have your say on a trending topic and it will not be heard by the majority of people. It is also a way for people to find you. You gain a whole lot by using tags but lose a whole lot more by not using tags.

Quality And Quantity:

This is one field where quality and quantity both matter. You cannot push a hundred articles or posts that don`t mean much to your audience base. You may think that would ensure you`re “trending” and will lead to more followers but you`re wrong. Just the number of pots publishes is not the way to increasing follower count or reach.

You have to find the right balance with your post and the optimum schedule. This way you will get more reach and more engagements.

Visual Content Over Text Content:

It is human tendency to be drawn to a visual stimulus over plain text. Incorporate this into your social media campaigns. We at Aero Leads have witnessed this first-hand. Our posts across all the social media platforms have gained better reach and engagements with either an image, video of gif attached with the content. This is true even in the case of twitter. If you`re promoting your event or blog post, do so with at least an image. Simply posting links with texts will not be a very good and beneficial form content posting on social media. Even a staple logo of your brand or a stock image or a clipart image along with your post would help the post perform better.



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