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Prajakta Gotmare

@Student | Posted 18 Oct, 2019 |

What are the digital marketing strategies for lead generation?

Digital Platter

Owner | |Updated 25 Oct, 2019

There are 15 Strategies in Lead generation
2.Boradcast advertising
3.Social media marketing
4.Deals and discounts
5.Build a business website
7.Content marketing
8.Business newsletter
9.White papers
10.Host seminars
12.Generate reports
13.Host happy hours
14.Host a chat with an expert
15.Collect online reviews
16.Add live chat function to your website

Aafrin Sheikh

@Student | Posted 18 Oct, 2019

There are two ways to generate leads in digital marketing one is a organic way and another is paid way. First, you have to increase your brand awareness tell people about your products and services. To spread awareness social media is best platform. Post regularly on social media. After that you need a good mobile friendly and desktop friendly website. Do SEO of Website regularly. Give question-answer on Quora. Make YouTube channel and post videos regularly. Create your own blog.Science Colleges in Amravati

Ravi Kumar

Blogger | Posted 18 Oct, 2019

For the Leads Generation Better You can use Google Adswords, Instagram, and Better you can use collect chat on your website, Visit - MBBS in America | MBBS in USA