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What are the documents needed for divorce?


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Divorce is the procedure of terminating a marital relationship in case the two persons want to discontinue the relationship. Divorce is a vital decision for any couple and should be taken before analyzing every aspect.Letsdiskuss

There are numerous causes for divorce and the procedure and the documents are dependent on the situation but there are basic documents that are needed in every case and in case of mutual divorce. These are -

1) Husband’s address proof
2) Wife’s address proof
3) Professional details of the petitioner with current income details
4) Past statements of income tax up to 2-3 years
5) Petitioner’s detailed information of family background
6) Detailed information of all the assets owned by the petitioner
7) Marriage certificate of concerned
8) If living separately then evidence of living separately for more than one year
9) Residence proof when the couple was living together
If you have finalized the decision, here are the basic steps for divorce. However, these may also change according to the situation.
Steps –
1) Petition filing by any of the person concerned in the family court
2) Hearing and appearance in family court before divorce, called first motion
3) Recording of statements on oath
4) 6months period is allowed for reconciliation, in case the couple changes the decision before the divorce. This is called second motion
5) Hearing of second motion and ultimate decree.
Although, hiring an experienced lawyer can get you a way out of every problem.


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