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Posted 08 Jun, 2019 |

What are the features of Tally

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Digital Marketing Trainee | |Updated 10 Jun, 2019

Many business organizations consider account management as a daunting task. The emergence of Tally ERP 9 has vanished all the accounting hurdles. The accounting and the inventory feature in the Tally software help in keeping track at daily business transactions.

Remarkable features of Tally ERP :
         Organizations including small, large industries and non-profitable areas are also being benefited with Tally software. Let us have a brief look at the accounting software features of the Tally software.

1). Voucher Entry:
Tally software has the unique voucher entry system that enables diverse transactions at ease. The feature is also flexible to use. As per the accounting terminology, the voucher is a document with the details of various business transactions. Likewise, the software has also been loaded with several accounting vouchers each used for a particular purpose.

2). Interest Calculation:
The software uses different interest calculation methods that are customized for every transaction. Once the calculation is done, the user can get a detailed report of the interest obtained. The report helps in knowing the balance amounts that are ought to receive.

3). Integration of Ledgers:
Tally software inculcates multiple ledgers including General ledger, Sales ledger, and Purchase Ledger into a single ledger. The ledgers have been differentiated into groups to get ease in the account management. Unified ledgers concept helps in entering data and creating records simultaneously.

4). Individual Bill Tracking:
The software enables the user to track the bills of trading and non-trading accounts. The user can track the new bills, receipts, payments and adjustments made against the bills without any hassles.

5). Replacing Accounting Codes:
The software replaces the accounting codes with regular names for accounts. It eases up the maintenance of complex ledger systems. Due to the replacement of accounting codes, everyone can operate this system without the knowledge of accounting codes.

6). Control, Audit, and Budgeting:
Tally's superior audit capabilities enable the user to have unlimited periods and budgets. With the help of this feature, the user can track changes and make corrections at ease. Using security levels, the user can gain robust access control.

7). Billing Information:
Tally software enables the user to handle the top to bottom billing information that is receivable and payable as well. It helps the organizations in allocating payments regarding invoices and the overdue ones. The software also helps in segregating good customers and bad customers using the billing information.

8). Multiple Currency Support:
Many companies involving in International Trade conduct transactions has increased the usage of multiple currencies. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, companies find it difficult to record transactions. Tally software renders a great help in easy transaction management involving foreign currencies.
Every feature has its own unique advantages to the companies. Users who intend to start learning Tally software can complete the work twice faster than before. Mazenet Solutions, the leading provider of ERP solutions built in the Tally platform. The organization trains candidates and make them a valuable product in the current market. 

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