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What are the Importance Of Controlling Blood Pressure


Visiting Consultant Physician, Rockland hospital, Dwarka | Posted on

According to latest guidelines (JNC 8) normal BP is defined as <120/80, Elevated BP as systolic 120-139 and diastolic <80, hypertension as  >130/80.

Controlling higher BP is very important for a healthy life. All the major organs of the body are affected by high BP and by controlling this high BP one can prevent the complications that may occur if it is not controlled.

A) Heart disease- Heart problems are the most common cause of death due to hypertension . Hypertension can cause heart attacks, ***** of heart, irregular rhythm of heart and other problems. By controlling your BP you can prevent these complications.

B) Brain diseases- Brain problems are the 2 nd most common cause of death due to uncontrolled hypertension. It includes stroke in form of brain hemorrhage, brain clots, convulsions, cognitive problems and dementia. One can prey these complications by controlling BP

C) Kidney- Uncontrolled BP can cause kidney damage and kidney failure which can be prevented by taking proper care of BP

D) Peripheral vascular disease- It is due to thickening of the blood vessels of legs and arms (legs>arms). It manifests as weakness and numbness of legs specially on prolonged walking and releived by rest. It may be prevented by controlling high BP.

E) Eye- uncontrolled BP can cause retinal hemorrhage , detachment and other complications which can cause blindness. 

So by controlling your BP and acquiring healthy lifestyle , you can prevent all these complications and also can prevent sudden death which is very common in neglected patients.
Now one can decide by himself that how important is to control your hypertension.


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