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what are the most expensive wood trees that can grow in India with less maintainance


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1. Natural product Trees. Planting trees which procure natural products takes time to develop, bloom and give organic products. Be that as it may, keeping the underlying moderate force aside, there is proceeded with development and natural products are accumulated after a couple of storms. Guava, papayas, mangoes, and so on. Natural products tree cultivating is straightforward and satisfactory revenue driven making.


2. Coconut trees. These swanky trees set aside some effort to develop and are found on coasts for the most part. When developed they are cash spinners as pretty much all aspects of it is put to some utilization. From oils to fiber, a coconut tree can give everything with the exception of shade.
3. Bonsai trees. These basic trees for the most part utilized for ornamentation have been picking up spikes in the wake of absence of spaces. They give city tenant opportunity to enhance their homes with trees. It is currently a blasting business with nearly everybody settling on it nowadays.
4. Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is another miracle tree that can make an effect because of its highlights like durability, quick cultivator and developing in regions of high breezes at high slants. This makes it a marvel tree because of its capacity to withstand unfavorable climate conditions yet develop smoothly. Likewise its restorative advantages extend from cold to being utilized as an aroma, fundamental oil, therapeutic oil, tablets and head help with discomfort.


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