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Trishna Dhanda

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What are the most important Google ranking factors?


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Ranking factors refer to the position of the website in search engines. And the rank depends on several compulsory factors which include secure and accessible website, the page speed should be fast, valid URL, the website should be made in such a way that it can be accessed from mobile also and so on. Google ranking factors mean the rank of a particular website in google search engine. Google ranks those websites by considering several factors. Now, here comes a question about how to rank websites. The secrets of ranking depend on the developer. So, google ranking factors are classified into four groups which include on ­page factors, site factors, off­-page factors, and lastly, domain factors.


On the page, factors are the most important factor for the site which includes a keyword in the title tag, meta tag. The content should be lengthy, simple, and clear, the images in the content should be relatable, there must be a keyword in the URL of the site for the searcher’s convenience. Site factors include a sitemap, the site should be mobile-friendly, the site should be google verified and there should be a high google trust factor which would help to increase the ranking. Off-­page factors like the number of domains and pages linked to the site, the links should be content related. Lastly, the domain factors are the length of registration of a domain, TLD extension with a country name, and so on. Many people are working harder but still have a question about how to rank our website. So, those are the terms for ranking.


Software & Website development Company | Posted on

There are a lot of factors that defines google ranking, thus to rank over SERP, below mentioned points are required.

1.A complete secure  Website.
2.Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed & Website desktop/laptop)
3.Mobile Friendliness.
4.Domain Age, URL, and Authority.
5.Optimized Content.
6.Technical SEO.
7.User Experience

There are many more factors depending on the on-page and off-page activities, but they varies according to the Website needs and target location.


employee | Posted on

1) Technical Google Ranking Factor 

(A) Site and page speed

(b) Usability on Mobile

(c) Internal Links

2) On-Page Ranking Factor 

(A) Keyword targeting 

(b) Title tag and header tags 

(c) Meta Description

(d) Image alt tag

(e) URL structure 

(f) Information quality 

(3) Off-page ranking factor 

(g) Backlinks 


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