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What are the new trends of Digital marketing?


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Digital Marketing is a strategic tool for groups and it's far composed of every single advertising try a commercial enterprise organization makes withinside the digital environment. Everyone wants to stay ahead with our competitors. Here are digital advertising and marketing trends to search for in 2021
1. Customer Segmentation
2. Automated Bidding for Google Ads
3. SEO for Voice Search
4. AI-Powered Optimization
5. Chatbots


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Digital marketing is the online marketing of services or products by utilizing the internet and digital technologies such as personal computers, smartphones, and other digital media and social platforms.

But after so many updates of the Google BERT algorithm and fast-evolving technologies the field of digital marketing is also gear up with many types of upgrades some they are:


  1. Voice Search Optimization

According to a research report on voice search, over 58% of teenagers use voice search in every day, they like it. This giant adoption through all generations shows how popular voice search is now and in the future.

This feature adopt by smartphones around 2015, is making a boom this year.

According to Google claim, they achieved 94% accuracy in  Voice Search. In upcoming years the factor for voice search has jumped up.

  1. YouTube Shorts 

The recent update of popular platform i.e. YouTube is called “Shorts”. It is the same as Instagram Reels, where you will make short video content of approximately fifteen seconds. With the increasing popularity of short video content nowadays, YouTube Shorts is an excellent chance for all folks who have their existing target followers on that platform. Now 15-second videos full of the required content currently grab the eye of your viewers.

  1. Instagram Reels

The Instagram Reels was nice news for marketers & content creators. particularly since TikTok was prohibited in few countries, reels have serve as best replacement.

Reels provides over all double engagement rates as compared to normal video posting.

And currently with the fresh launched insights options on Instagram, you improve your performance and work!

  1. Video Marketing

Video promotion is one of the most digital marketing trends in recent years and is probably going to be at the highest for more upcoming years. Here are some stats that explain the importance of including a video in your digital marketing services list.

75% of companies say videos have improved their conversion rate 

60% of clients say that watching product videos gives them a lot of online purchase confidence.

Video content is now grab 65 times to drive users than plain text.

  1. International Ads

Digital marketing has detached international doors for each business. Now you can currently run ads in numerous countries and capture the world markets. this is often one in every of the most liked digital marketing trends as a result of currently you get to extend your audience at similar or lesser prices. Yes, that’s true. In some countries, you may be able to run ads at a far cheaper value than in your own country. Thus, international ads may be a trend that's presently going to obtain.

  1. Shoppable Content

Shoppable Content i.e. picture, article, the video includes a direct link to the buying portal. This makes the process of a customer easier to getting aware of a product and making the decision to buy the product on an eCommerce platform direct. Many brands have geared up their marketing strategy with shoppable content through their social posts.


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