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Posted 22 May, 2019 |

What are the reasons behind the poor performance of India in Olympics?


Posted 14 Jun, 2019

All things considered, I am such an Indian who never gets up early even on fifteenth August(Independence day) or on 26th January(Republic Day). I don't guarantee myself an energetic. Yet at the same time I am composing this answer for India when nearly my entire nation is questioning its capacity to win a solitary Olympic award.

All things considered, I have a couple of focuses to make.

Some time ago India was all the while battling with issues like share. Ladies taking up occupations and leads in the ventures and coordinating the shoulder's of men were still disliked in real pieces of India.And Suddenly , in 2003 something happened that changed the manner in which Indian guardians think about their little girls ! Truly, you got it right ! Destruction of our incredible Astronaut "KALPNA CHAWLA". We were extremely pitiful on her demise , yet more than that we were extremely pleased with her and her valor! All of a sudden she moved toward becoming good example of nation's female populace. Pretty much every female needed to be Kalpana Chawala. Presently only 10 years after that,just come to India and see the adjustment in the nation !

Hold up ! I am not done !

After 1998 when entire world was getting a charge out of the products of an enchantment like thing called "Web" , we were all the while mulling over the purposes behind absence of pioneering exercises and new businesses in the nation . A few purported "Statistic examiners " approached and accused governmental issues, destitution, absence of motivations for it. All things considered, around a similar time, some IIT graduates began an endeavor of selling books. They quit their place of employment at behemoth AMAZON and attempted to conflict with the nation's activity arranged state of mind. They never realized they will one day rival the organization they used to work at. Those folks' example of overcoming adversity has created a greater number of new businesses than some other Indian Policies could have ever delivered. Presently, we know those loners as BANSALS and that adventure as FLIPKART. Only 5 years after that , you can see the adjustment in youth's frame of mind. They have begun going out on a limb, stopping their employments and working together. Presently, we have achieved a position when even Y-COMBINATOR, a startup quickening agent program that is more hard to get into than Harvard Business School, is intending to open up its hatching focus in India. What's more, most astonishing thing is that India still has debasement and destitution - the reasons refered to previously.

All things considered, India has dependably been a nation that has advanced at its own pace. It tooks us 150 years to be autonomous, yet simply see the improvement we made after that. It tooks us very nearly 5 decades to dispatch our own satellite, however see the improvement after it. So ,here is the thing. No Goverment strategies, No leader has ever changed the nation as some good examples like Kalpana Chawala and Bansals and Kalam have. Truly, today we are not an innovator in Olympics as we were not once in Business and Education. Perhaps sometime even we would lead the world in games as we are driving today in those of the exercises like business and instruction. Perhaps competitors like Dipa karmakar, PV Sindhu , Abhinav Bindra, Saina Nehwal will be good examples to contry's kin. Perhaps we will draw motivations from them, evacuate all the barricades,be it social or political, and be an innovator in games. What's more, think about what ! Still there will be a few people to babble about ! Since they are great at just a single thing and that is it. There's nothing more needed than a couple of words to scrutinize yet takes torment in bringing the change. Also, the individuals who bring the change become KALPANA and KALAM and composes the history.