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Naveen Kumar

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What are the secret of healthy life?


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Healthy life is followed by a healthy lifestyle. If you want to know the secret of a healthy life, first you need to be sure about what you want from your life. Once you know what you want from life, you can make your life healthy.


How to make life healthy - 
- Make changes in your routine: - 

First of all, prepare a time table from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night. Decide on certain timings of doing all your work. Take out a little time for yourself and reflect on what you did all day, and what you have to do tomorrow. 

- Stay away from negative things – 

Always keep yourself in a positive environment. Keep distance from bad and unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol. The more you live with positive things and the environment, the more you will be away from the negativity, and hence leading a healthy environment.  

- Love yourself: - 

More than often, people are busy, anxious, depressed or stressed, because of which they don’t think about themselves and their health. This obviously, has an adverse effect on their health. If you want to make your life healthy, you have to learn how to love yourself. Unless you love yourself, you cannot keep yourself healthy. 

- Take care of yourself: - 

Exercise regularly, take special care of your food and sleep. Wake up early in the morning. Keep these things in mind so that you are able to keep yourself healthy. 

This is the secret of a healthy life, which will help you lead your life in a better way.  


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Drink more water: A sign that you may not be drinking enough is the shade of your ***** endeavor to keep it clear. A decent trap is to have no less than one glass of water with each feast. For family suppers, fill a container of water. The European Food Safety Authority prescribes that ladies should drink around 1.6 liters of liquid and men should drink around 2.0 liters of liquid for every day. That is around eight 200ml glasses for a lady and 10 200ml glasses for a man. Likewise, parchedness can cause exhaustion, migraines, stoppage and numerous different illnesses.


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The mystery of good wellbeing? This is what the specialists say...

1. Keep up a sound body weight: Obesity raises circulatory strain, expanding the danger of stroke and numerous diseases. It likewise declines asthma side effects and expands joint issues, for example, osteoarthritis. A solid eating routine comprises of loads of products of the soil, chicken and fish, darker starches and not all that much refined sugar, fat, red meat and liquor.

2. Vigorous exercise for 30 minutes every day: Exercise diminishes circulatory strain and brings down glucose, in this manner cutting heart and stroke dangers. It additionally influences you to feel great by discharging cheerful endorphins diminishing the occurrence of nervousness and dejection by 40 for every penny. The main source of debilitated leave is stretch and emotional wellness issues.

3. Keep up center quality and adaptability: The number two reason for wiped out leave is back agony, the greater part of which comes about because of feeble center muscles and tight hips caused by an inactive life. You can enhance these with by doing Pilates, yoga, judo, or just by rehearsing a third world squat for two minutes consistently.


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everything you eat matters!

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, one should have to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle by eliminating junk foods and replace them with healthy eating options

For example:

tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

  • drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily
  • replace simple carbs with complex carbs
  • include more vegetables in your meals
  • add fruits in your appetizers
  • try to maintain leans i.e. chicken, poultry, and seafood instead of beef of high-fat proteins
  • use probiotics i.e. yoghurt/curd and ginger to lighten up your gastrointestinal tract
  • use unsaturated fats i.e. dry fruits, olive oil, coconut oil or peanut butter instead of jams 
  • avoid sugars.
  • physical exercise is the most important element for maintaining a healthy lifestyle 
  • be physically active throughout a day


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With my point of view, there is only one simple funda is to eat healthy food and daily exercise you can consult with a high rated dietician


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To get healthy life Fallow these steps and practice it will help s to get a happy life.

1. Avoid Stress, 2.Maintain Healthy social life, 3.Excercise, 4. Volunteer, find someone to love, 5. Eat well, 5.Sleep enough. If you Fallow these steps it will help to lead a happy and stress-free life.



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