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Dhawani Singh

Student | Posted on | Health-beauty

What are the signs of early pregnancy?


Student | Posted on

Pregnancy is that beautiful phase that a woman always remembers throughout her entire
life. According to them, it’s the most wonderful feeling ever. So, there are many early
pregnancy signs by which a woman can know about her pregnancy before the pregnancy
The basic symptom is the stoppage of periods for a few months. But this may occur due to
other health issues also such as stress, illness, thyroid, and many more, so, this is not a
correct symptom to understand pregnancy. Vomiting and feeling sick, getting tired and
exhausted are some common symptoms of pregnancy. This takes place due to some
hormonal changes because of changes in estrogen and progesterone. It is not necessary
that every pregnant lady will face the same symptoms. Like there are many who have some
other changes in their body like ***** of breasts, darkening of nipples, urinating very
often. The common sign which takes place during this phase are mood swings, becoming
emotional, and building a very bad craving for spicy and sour foods. Many women are very
curious to know what actually changes in pregnancy. Well, the doctors answered that
pregnancy is that phase which brings a lot of changes in a body like a belly gets expanded with
months, some gain weight, stretch marks occur, in some ladies the feet get bigger. Many
women are there who due to infertility can’t become pregnant. In that case, the answer for
how to become pregnant is assisted reproductive technology.


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