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What are the things the people generally don-t know about Tipu Sultan?


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Tipu Sultan was a determined Islamist.
  • The 'Tiger of Mysore' as he is alluded to by numerous students of history, he is commended for his endeavors to keep India liberated from British control. He is likewise depicted as a common ruler for gifts to Hindu sanctuaries and his obvious recreation of the Shringeri Mutt. Not exclusively are these cases unmerited yet in addition empty.
  • Initially, Tipu's dad Hyder Ali had usurped the seat from the decision Hindu Wadiyar Dynasty of Mysore.  
  • Second, Tipu is said to have changed over or killed in any event over 1,000,000 Hindus and Christians in the course of his life. The following is a rundown of his monstrosities  
  • Coorg-He persuaded the Nawab of Kurnool to assault to Kodavu Hindus. 500 individuals were slaughtered in the immediate attack and about a lac fled into the woods. He circumcised adolescents and fused them into Ahmedy Corps. The others were dependent upon change or passing by torment. The complete number of detainees as indicated by British records was 85,000 Hindus.  
  • Kasargod-In a letter from 1790, Tipu says-"Don't you realize I have accomplished an incredible triumph as of late in Malabar and more than four lakh Hindus were changed over to Islam? I am resolved to walk against that reviled Raja Raman Nair very soon. Since I am excited at the possibility of changing him and his subjects over to Islam, I have joyfully deserted returning to Srirangapatanam now."  
  • Seringapatam-The Nairs at Seringapatam were given comparable proposals of circumcision or demise by Tipu. Their Raja was hanged and his castle was singed. 200 brahmins were openly disrespected by cutting their janaeu and taking care of them meat to change over them.
  • The Lingayat people group of Karnataka was abused by Tipu. 700–800 individuals of the minority were executed for their refusal to change.  
  • 70,000 Manglorean Catholics were caught by Tipu. 30,000 out of these were strongly changed over. Ladies were shipped off the Harems of Muslim men in the district. Men who opposed were tormented. Their noses, ears and lips were cut.  
  • 7,000 British people were held hostage in Seringapatnam. 300 were circumcised. The men were made to wear Ghagra Cholis and perform natch in the court. Numerous detainees were found with broken necks and nails in their skulls.  
  • 700 Iyengars who had accumulated to observe Diwali at the Narsimhaswamy sanctuary were murdered by Tipu's powers under the affection of conspiring with the British,  
  • Aside from the several sanctuaries he mutilated, Tipu additionally requested the annihilation of 27 catholic temples in the Manglore area.  
  • In spite of this horrible record of strict abuse and deplorable barbarities, Tipu is hailed as a political dissident and a common ruler by specific individuals of our nation. His actual face is shrouded some place to advance a bogus and trick thought of secularism, while truly he was an outspread Islamic radical.



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