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jitendra kumar

Blogger | Posted 12 Feb, 2019 |

what are the top techniques of SEO ?


|Updated 31 May, 2019

1. Improve user experience across your entire site
2. Optimize for voice search
3. Focus on topic clusters instead of keywords
4. Go into detail – but only when it’s relevant
5. Conquer video with YouTube SEO
6. Build a variety of backlinks
7. Get a grip over technical optimization
8. Target local searchers with local landing pages and listings
9. Know how to measure SEO performance

Creative Conceptz

Digital Marketer | Posted 12 Feb, 2019

SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2019

Over the years, the business world has acknowledged the relevance of SEO (on page optimization and off page optimization services) and the great advantages it offers to a company if done, wisely. With time, several SEO tricks have been experimented by the many SEO companies in the USA to obtain more improved results and here we have listed 5 SEO strategies which can help your firm to reach new heights! 

Sophia Logan

@Sophia | Posted 12 Feb, 2019

You cannot come up with an exact plan or technique as they change with every single project and post. Still, some basic things are quite the same when it comes to the SEO and basics are very important. You need to optimize your page and try to make it user-friendly on both Desktop or Mobile platform.

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