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what are the types of seo ?


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SEO has a huge contribution in getting the website ranked! But the way SEO is shown, it is not as difficult!
In SEO industry, the only importance of SEO is that everything you have written is crawled by Google's Croller!
It is easy to rank in search engines. For this, your content should be the best and unique. Anyone will search when it is unique. So only you will get the contents.


To do SEO, you have to do on page SEO and off page SEO on your site. And the search engine you want to rank through. The webmaster tool of that search engine will have to submit your site's sitemap.
The topic on which your side is made. You have to do do follow backlink from high ranking sites related to that topic.
After doing SEO, you will get the same benefit. Which side will you rank. Traffic will come to your site. If the site is for earning. So your earning will be more.

Types of SEO : 

1. On-page SEO : Talking about on-page SEO, in this we optimize the content of any single blog post to rank it for a particular target keyword. That includes the proper headings, proper keyword placement, ensuring the quality of the content and paying attention to other factors.


2. Off-page SEO : If we talk about On-Page SEO, then it comes in all the ways in which we only make our content better, so that search engines like them. According to Google is also the most important content. If the content of your website will be good and useful for the visitor, then you can rank higher in the search engine. But there is also a thing called reputation of your website on internet.


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