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Vikas joshi

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What can I make in rice cooker other than rice?


Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on

I bought a rice cooker several years ago. I used to make perfect rice – every time. But to your surprise rice cooker can be used to cook several dishes other than rice. Few of them are listed below –

Grains – All the grains and seeds like quinoa can be cooked in rice cooker. You can take 1 cup of grains with 2 cups of water. It will give you desired and perfect result. Try it and make use of your rice cooker now. You can also follow this link and prepare protein-filled dish with a great ease.

Bread – Even though you don’t have oven, and want to make fresh homemade bread, the rice cooker will be boon to you. It is easy to make and fantastic. Follow this easy tutorial for making bread in rice cooker, you will surely have an amazing experience.

Oatmeal – Did you know that in addition to making great rice, the rice cooker makes great oatmeal too? You might have to play around with the amount of liquid before you get the oatmeal consistency you like. You can start with 1 cup of regular oats (no soaking needed). Afterwards, add 1 3/4 cups of liquid for the regular oats. Finally, I add salt according to the taste. Close the rice cooker and cook it at a lower temperature. When the machine beeps your oatmeal is ready, stir and serve hot.

Heat the left over soup – You can heat the left over soup, in the rice cooker with the lid open. Close and switch to “keep warm” so that it will remain hot and perfect.


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Blogger | Posted on

1. Make a hot breakfast.

To make oats or other hot grains, include somewhat less milk or water than you would for burner cooking (and some cleaved nuts and dried organic product in the event that you need). The "keep warm" capacity will shield nourishment from getting cold and gooey―perfect for a considerable length of time when everybody gets up at an alternate time.

2. Steam vegetables.

In the event that your machine accompanies a liner rack, use it to cook cut vegetables, tofu, potatoes, or even shrimp, fish filets, or chicken bosoms. Take out and fill in as a simple, one-pot dinner.

3. Make risotto without blending.

Saute onions in spread in an open rice cooker, at that point include 1 section Arborio rice and 4 sections fluid, (for example, stock and wine). Cook for around 25 minutes in an on/off cooker or utilize the "moderate" or "porridge" cycle if your machine has one. Blend in ground cheddar and herbs toward the end.

4. Slow-cook soups, beans, or stews.

Give your rice cooker enough fluid and time and it will make since a long time ago stewed dishes without searing or bubbling over (the manner in which moderate cookers now and then can). Attempt split-pea soup with ham, or put meat (that has been carmelized on the oven) and vegetables in the cooker with tomatoes, wine, and herbs for a generous supper.