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Riddhi P

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 What could you do with twenty crore Rupees to impact the most amount of people?


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Well, 20 cr is a big amount and to use it in a way which can impact maximum number of people is a difficult task.
According to me , it all depends on where you live and what all issues pertain there.
The money should be spent in such a way that it should cover many dimensions of betterment like health, economical growth, increase participation of people etc.
For eg. Let us assume the city is Delhi.
Here, i suggest :
1. Of all the money, Rs. 5 cr should be taken and out of that, 1 lakh rs loan should be given on minimal interest and collateral basis to the small sector of the MSME sector.
By doing this, around 500 shopkeepers will get some money to start or upgrade their business which further helps in increasing employment and wages of the poor section.

2. Around 1 lakh trees can be planted in delhi which will cost approximately 30-40 lakhs.This will help us to solve the problems of soil erosion, groundwater crisis, air pollution etc.

3. Single roads should be constructed which cost apprx 30 lakhs/km which will link villages in the NCR region to the main city as well as villages in the city with main urban roads .
This will help in better connectivity in the city.

4. Around 3-5 cr should be allocated for the creation of primary health and education centres in the villages to improve their quality of living.

5. Around 3 cr should be used to generate electricity supply in the villages .

6. Around 2 cr should be used to improve the agriculture sector by providing subsidy, good quality fertilisers etc.

7. The leftover money ( apprx 3-4 cr ) should be invested or given as loan which will help in generating a dividend or interest and help to further increase the money which can further be used in variety of schemes.

Through all the above things, we can cater and benefit a large number of people and not just financially, we can uplift their quality of living, the food they eat, the air they breathe and many many more things that can help in elevating the lives of many.


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