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Sourojit Roy

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What do you feel about kids these days growing up too soon?


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Letsdiskuss Parenting is not about what you are sacrificing when you are raising your children but it is about what you are gaining while they are growing up. Children won't remember the gifts you gave them or the sleepless nights you spend with them. But they will remember perfectly when they need you whether you were with them or not.

These kids are 21st century kids. Even the new born is focusing on our eyes and give us a beautiful smile which was not the case some 30 years ago. Infants are picking up their movements quickly. Babies started their uttering of words earlier than expected. So biologically human growth is taking place rapidly.

But their growth and behaviour is because of their exposure to electronic gadgets like TV, Computer, smart phone etc. Their grasping power has been enormously multiplied compare to us.

But the growth is not in better side. They learned how to give back answers or how to demand anything from parents or how to argue with parents. These are not considered as growing. Growing means maturing and understanding .

Sorry if I am rude. But today's kids are not at all growing mentally. If we were in their age we understood our parents' limitations and difficulties. We used to help our parents and listen to our grandparents. Now you cannot utter a word to our own kids. Leave beside helping parents, they want full attention from their parents 24 hours a day.

The reason may be anything from being single child or working parents or rich parents. But we are pampering our child and we want to keep them innocent and dependent forever, which is very wrong. If you really wanted to be a good parent make them understand the outer world and let them free and mingle with others. Make them responsible and grown up socially and culturally.


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