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Shivani Gupta

Employee | Posted 07 Mar, 2019 |

What do you want in home automation?

Siddhi Agarwal

@student | Posted 07 Mar, 2019

Smart homes are the modern necessity in a lot of countries. New houses or building made these days are incomplete without at least one smart home feature. Home automation systems may include home security, alarm, temperature controller etc. Basically these system may control almost everything be it lighting, temperatures, sound system etc.

Home automation is basically hiring technology as your assistant. As many revolutions are taking place in the Artificial Intelligence sector, the inventors are trying to introduce AI in almost every part of human's life. Therefore how could they forget about the basic necessity of a human, shelter and security, both of which we receive from our houses.

Many remarkable inventions have been made in this field. the most basic of it being with the lights. The introduction of body sensors in lighting system, so that the light switches off as soon as you leave the room, is not only economical but also an ecological option. Apart from these the security systems these days are becoming more and more advanced, hence making them less vulnerable to intrusion.

Apart from it, a person can control the temperature of his house irrespective of the climate outside. The AI powered vacuum cleaner which detects the dust on its own and cleans it is one of the most fascinating inventions. Home automation for PWDs and elderly people has also proven to be really useful.

Given the said instances we can be assured of one thing, that in the near future are homes are going to be fully controlled by these systems thus relieving us of a lot of tension.