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What does the term IVR call mean? How does it work?


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Interactive voice response or IVR is an automated cloud telephony system that intelligently answers customers’ incoming calls through pre-recorded messages. This system directs the customer to the department best suited for their query resolution. In fact, IVR functions as an effective tool to streamline a business’s communication and overall operations. 

As a virtual receptionist, IVR can be customised to fit the business’ tone. A pleasant human-like voice (or ‘auto-attendant’) greets you on call and directs you to a variety of menu options. 

You can imagine the calling menu to be structured like a flowchart. Customers can navigate through the key inputs on the IVR system to get information or connect to the relevant agent. These inputs are easy to understand and also save the caller’s time. Such a call may include key inputs like:

*Press 1 for language preferences*
*Press 2 for billing-related queries*
*Press 5 for offers/discounts*
*Press 9 to speak to our customer care executive* 

An IVR system’s ability to handle bulk calls and route calls intelligently ensures seamless communication. IVR is the perfect solution to boost customer experience, paving the way for a thriving business. Here are a few features that you can explore:

1. Multi-level IVR 

The IVR menu can have multiple layers, where one input reveals a fresh list of options. These varying levels make it easy for customers to find what they’re searching for. The user can navigate through the menu options effortlessly for any purpose.

2. Call routing

Your IVR can handle massive volumes of incoming calls effortlessly. Automation technology lets you intelligently route calls to the respective department or agent as per the customer’s need. Clients can be directed to agents based on skill, availability, or preference. Customers can even opt for self-service with the help of this virtual receptionist. 

3. Call tracking and analytics via a dashboard

The dashboard provides a perfect analytical platform to track a call. Agents can analyse call history to understand the customer experience better. If required, managers can barge in on calls to assist their agents. 

No one likes to repeat their identification details, which is where IVR’s information collection mechanism helps you. Furthermore, the analytics allow you to assess the quality of calls and incorporate changes accordingly.

An IVR number is the key to achieving exceptional customer satisfaction. With handy features and benefits, IVR can significantly lessen the communication gap between businesses and customers. It reduces the margin for errors and is completely hassle-free.

Servetel provides exemplary IVR services that will simplify your business processes and upgrade your standards to meet market and customer expectations.


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