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Vikas joshi

Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted 22 Aug, 2018 |

What exactly does Kerala need right now?

Prreeti Radhika Taneja

Prreeti Radhika Taneja

Entrepreneur | |Updated 22 Aug, 2018

Kerala has been hit by one of the worst floods in over a century and there have been hundreds of casualties in its wake. But, are we really thinking in terms of what the state needs or are we just focusing on what others can do? As of now, it seems like more of the latter.

Indians in Kerala and outside the state are in such a frenzy that they are asking Mark Zuckerberg to donate for the floods. Not only is this a little far-fetched, but also, quite unnecessary! The state is receiving aid from other states and individuals all over the country.

 What exactly does Kerala need right now?
Apps like Paytm Kerala Floods and PhonePe have started making donations easy and people are pooling in from every side. However getting resources is never enough – utilization is what will likely make the situation better faster! So, stop asking people just for money!

The right thing for Kerala’s relief is skill – everything from disaster management trained volunteers, to electricians, plumbers, doctors, and the likes. That is what is going to help Kerala find its strength back. As one of the flag bearer's of the Indian economy with above 7% growth on a yearly basis, Kerala is not short on monetary resources; that is not to say that it should not receive aid from other states and people. But heavy ration and daily need items are not the answer to natural calamity rehabilitation.

A good example would be to look at Japan’s approach to incidents such as this. The country is geographically prone to such happenings and has faced everything from nuclear disasters to earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and more. Yet, after every such mishap, they get to rebuilding really fast. In fact, they have conditioned themselves in a way and broken down disaster management so efficiently that it is all ready to be deployed if anything happens.

That is where inspiration should be taken from. In fact, recent social media posts have also asked experienced swimmers to help Kerala – and that is one of the logical approaches. The flooding has been quite severe and there is no question that people are stranded. Rescue needs to be carried out immediately and with precision.

Even in the borders of the state, Kerala is facing chaos and confusion as trucks full of supplies have no way of getting into the flood-affected districts. So, the answer to Kerala’ s need of the hour is not money, or ration, or supplies. It is – 

1. Management of resources in the best possible way of reaching people.

2. Rescuing estranged populace 

3. And rebuilding in the affected districts of Pandanad, Aluva, Aranmula, Chengannur, and the others.

Getting more skilled persons is now more important and that is what governments, both from the center and the states should focus on.  

 What exactly does Kerala need right now?