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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Posted 03 Aug, 2018 |

What food items are best to have in Monsoon?


Posted 03 Jun, 2020

Hey this is Humbero Ojeda Avila.

Best and healthy food for monsoon can be Baked Garlic Potato Slices, Momos, Broccoli Patties, Mexican Dip, Baked Spaghetii

shahtech world

Blogger | Posted 11 Jan, 2019


Rinki Singh

Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted 03 Aug, 2018

Monsoon in the perfect season to please all our senses. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, the mood of the atmosphere keeps changing and that also changes are food preferences almost instantly. Sometimes we want hot chocolate with our favorite book and in the favorite corner of our house, and sometimes we want to have something spicy while outside with our gang.

But there are some food items which are permanent favorites. Monsoon just isn’t complete without these mouth-watering and soul soothing food items:

Samosa: Rains arrive later, and Samosas earlier. It’s always like that with us Indian. Garam-Garam Samosas with hot ginger tea are too delicious to resist.

Pakoras: They are just like cousins to Samosas. If it’s raining heavily and Samosas can’t be brought, mom will prepare delicious pakoras with the home made chutney for adults, and tomato ketchup for kids.

Maggi: Maggi has to be there when we are talking of snacks. Rain or no rain, Maggi is an absolute. And the last resort for those who live away from their mothers and can’t enjoy their pakoras.

Soup: Rains bring the desire of having something hot, tasty, healthy, and hygienic. This is when soups come to your rescue.

Bhutta (Corn): Mumbaikars would know the importance of Bhutta on a rainy day when you are on beach. Even Vada Paav can’t beat that.