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Jessy Chandra

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What happened to Patanjali-s version of Whatsapp,


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After  a successful ventures in FMCG sector,  Yoga Guru Baba Ram Dev and Acharya Balakrishna is now entered in to Telecommunication industry. Their company, Patanjali launched a messaging app called 'Kimbho' , the swadeshi version of. Kimbho means 'How are you?' in Sanskrit. It is India's first messaging app.


Kimbho is same as Whatsapp, even the app's icon is same except for the conch in place of telephone in the middle. In the app there are three tabs. Chat, contact and activity.  In the Contacts section, along with contacts three other features are there.  These are Create New Group, Broadcast Lists, Follow Celebrities, and Kimbho Team. Follow celebrities page is empty, may be it will be like following celebrities in Twitter or Instagram.  Kimbho has dozens of features to share Text, Audio, Photos, Videos, Stickers, Quickies, Location, GIF, Doodle and more.


But the day after the launch,  Kimbho app was removed from Google play and iOS App stores. According to Patanjali's spokesperson S K Tijarawala , Patanjali put  their trial version of Kimbho app on Google Play Store and Apple Store for one day trial only. But those who are in digital industries say that one day trails are not launched as big as the launch of Kimbho app and more over it was just a copy of Bolo messenger.  S K Tijarawala of Patanjali also added that duplicate of Kimbho apps are available in play stores and Patanjali is not responsible for those apps.


One French security researcher tweeted that he could access all the messages of users on Kimbho app. Experts are saying that the app was pulled because of security reason only. And it was not tested properly and it was a joke.


So until the official  re launch of Patanjali's Kimbho, stay away from fake apps.