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Posted 25 Jun, 2020 |

What have you done best in lockdown?


@parveen | Posted 30 Jun, 2020

Stay at home

Uzma Zafar

Student | Posted 26 Jun, 2020

First of all , this lockdown has been so cruel to me but....you know , taking out time for yourself is even tougher in normal days...

So here you go with the list where found myself working well at it :-

  • I am more patient than earlier, I had to spend plenty of time with family and consequently got into few fights and arguments ..so yeahh ... it's kinda paradoxical but I'm loving them even more now .
  • In lockdown 2,I was almost irritated by everything,like you know how we think tooo much when we're free . I started overthinking a lot but then ,an idea came to my head that why not make use of this overthinking attitude. So ,I started writing poems and short stories.
  • I have learnt cooking some new foods  as well
  • Though, these days I find myself procrastinating works because of alot of time I've got to postpone works ...but...but..*****... don't ever do that!! You'll end up getting tired of pushing yourself to even start working all over again. So keep working ,if possible then make a routine
  • And most importantly , I am finally good at painting now which was my dream since 2017 . 

:) Learnt to smile as well.

Hope you guys also make use of so much time we've got.

Have a beautiful day !

Ankit Singh

Blogger | Posted 26 Jun, 2020

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