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What is a classic dress that never goes out of style?


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For women, it is undoubtedly Saree.

Saree has its own grace and beauty, and as the saying goes, every woman looks beautiful is saree. Be it any occasion –formal event in office, school function, family function, wedding, or a simple gathering –Saree in different fabrics and versions can make you rock the look like a pro. That’s the beauty of saree. It never looks out of context and never goes out of style or fashion.

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Haven’t we all blindly picked up a saree from our mother’s wardrobe for out farewell parties and our favorite cousin’s wedding? And haven’t we all been showered with compliments for our classy look. Yes ladies, you look the prettiest in this traditional yet always trendy outfit, all the time.

Coming to men, I think jeans and t shirt with a blazer is something which never gets out of style, be it any season. Yes it does not look formal every time, but can be sported in most of the places.

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These are my preferences. Now let’s talk about the general preference.

For women, saree fits quite well in the general preference. And if there is one outfit which is preferred after saree, it is jeans. You can wear jeans pants with top, crop top, short kurti, anarkali, or with whatever you like. Biggest benefit of jeans is, wearing any kind of footwear with it is quite normalized. Same goes for accessories. You can carry as much jewelry (surely not the wedding kind, though) as you want with jeans and sport an indo-western look like a pro. Women have even started wearing jeans in formal functions like weddings and parties, after molding it in the way they want.

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For men also, jeans is a savior. It goes well with both t shirt and shirt and always looks stylish.


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