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soni Affiliate

Affiliate, web hosting expert and blogger | Posted 22 Dec, 2018 |

What is difference between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting?

Srijana Pandey

SEO(Search Engine Optiization) | Posted 28 Jan, 2020

There is various difference between in the shared hosting and the VPS hosting but the main difference is shared hosting provider with multiple websites on theirs. VPS hosting provide service that exists on multiple servers in place of on one shared server your site is hosted in the VPS on market.

Stephin Steev

@Stephin | Posted 23 Oct, 2019

The Shared Hosting Accounts are meant for one owner and come with a single cPanel. You can host unlimited domains on a shared plan by adding domains to the “Addon Domains” the section of cPanel. Reselling is not permitted on shared hosting plans.

Advantages of shared hosting:

• User-friendly cPanel

• Host multiple domains

• Cost efficient

• Convenience

• Adequate resources

Disadvantages of shared hosting:

• Website crashes

• Can’t always expect the best performance

• Security

Reseller Hosting Accounts are only meant for one owner who likes to resell hosting and essentially act as their own hosting company. You can have anywhere from 10 to 250 separate cPanel accounts depending on which reseller plan you stick on to. So with a reseller account, you can set up each domain name with its own Control Panel.

The main difference is that reseller hosting is meant for selling web hosting and in case of shared hosting, it is for your own website.

Advantages of reseller hosting:

• Provides more flexibility and freedom

• No need to invest high to purchase reseller hosting

• Can earn better income without any tension

• The server maintenance cost is included in the package so if something goes wrong, then your web host will cover the cost of damages.

• There are no hidden or extra charges.

• You can make much profit by selling addons like Dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, Backup, Dedicated Hosting, and lot more.

Disadvantages of reseller hosting:

• Limited access to the server

• If you think or plan to change your current hosting provider, then it would be very difficult to shift the complete data of clients.

Joel lee

Marketing manager | Posted 12 Sep, 2019

In VPS hosting, you have your own allotment of resources and it allows your visitors to enjoy faster loading times while in shared hosting that server may get sometimes swamped by requests or overloaded which might cause it to stop.

A good VPS hosting provider will always actively monitor its networks. This ensures the security of a server and defends it from malicious software, hacking, and virus attacks while in shared hosting, it can face a security issue by the server. These servers are usually affected by hacking attacks .

In VPS hosting, you have the flexibility to choose the operating system and software you want to install on your server while in shared hosting, you have to work on the application and software provided by the hosting provider and cannot use any other software aside.

poonam patil

IT Engineer | Posted 10 Sep, 2019

Shared hosting -

                                   In shared hosting one server or machine allocated to multiple clients. This shared server connected to multiple clients and provides data files and required resources as per the requirements of their clients.

                                     Shared hosting Servers provide space and bandwidth to the connected computers. shared hosting one common server is used by multiple clients. It is king of client-server architecture.

VPS hosting -

                                   In VPS hosting every client allocated one single server. In this hosting  single server provide resources, space, and bandwidth to single client

@ | Posted 22 Dec, 2018

In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. All resources are shared with other users. 

Benefits of shared hosting:


No technical skills required

Build in cPanel and Plesk

In VPS, you get a separate server along with resources like Bandwidth, Memory, CPU, Disk Space. 

Benefits of VPS hosting:




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