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Aha Milon

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What is Good Customer Service?


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Seeking attention is human nature. When we enter a store we want the attention of the store people to help us in finding products or answering our queries about the products.  We won't step on our foot if their customer service is very poor.

Both for online retail and bricks and stone stores customer service is the next main ingredient after the quality of the product which will help in fetching customers as well as retaining customers.
Good customer service is helping all the customers in a friendly manner.  The Irritating behavior of customer service will end in loss to the company. The customer will ask the help of customer service people only when something went wrong. If they face the rude customer service people, it will add ghee to their anger. So behavior is the main character of good customer service.

 The customer service people should know all about their products and should be efficient in answering all the questions of the customers.

Customers are attracted to smiling people. So the customer service should answer even the rude customer with a smiling face.

Good customer service is always to be positive. Customer service people should not give no as an answer. Instead should tell the customer that, it will be done or it can be done.

Customer service people should know how to handle a regular customer. They should observe each and every customer and should behave accordingly.

With good customer service, the company or store will have repeated and regular customers.



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