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what is happiness?How do we find it?


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Letsdiskuss Happiness can be defined as the real feelings when someone enjoys their life to the fullest and has desires to make best from what they have earned. Happy people tend to be more successful and are better people who achieve their tasks and goals in life. Some of the ways by which one can find happiness and be happy are: 

They should listen to their hearts. 

They should be more acceptable towards the good and bad. 

They should find purpose in life. 

They should always do the things which they think are good and better for them. 


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Happy people are more successful and achieve more in life because their life revolves around positivity. .Happiness is inside every human, the need is to recognize and bring it out.
To be happy in life, it's important to have meaningful relationships with other people.There are small things in life that can make you happy bring smile on your face,identify and cherish them.Spending time with family and friends,helping someone,getting good sleep,being thankful for everything you have in life however small it is are some ways to be happy.



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Happiness is the feeling that you experience when you know life is good and everything happening in your life is perfect and positive.There is no space for negativity in a happy life.This can be visible in your behavior,your relationships,social life and in your smiling face. Happiness can be achieved by accepting failures and bad times gracefully.By keeping our own expectation not too high or beyond our reach .Finding happiness in small things or moments.By not being too harsh on ourselves.



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Letsdiskuss Happiness are the moment of joys one feels whenever he/she experience or when receive a very good news, or when one feels being loved by another person. As far as i could know about happeniness any person may have their own definition and understanding about happeniness 

about happeniness.


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