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Amayra Badoni

Student (Delhi University) | Posted on | Health-beauty

What is Holographic make-up?


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Holographic make-up is very popular these days and is being widely used for looking beautiful on social media. It is being widely recognized as 3D makeup.


(Courtesy: Viva NZ)

Girls and women these days are highly impressed with this sort of make-up, and its craze is spreading like a fever. The reason behind this is that this make up makes you look attractive in just no time. In addition, it is quite unique.

(Courtesy: Girlterest) 

The craze of Holographic make-up has surpassed social media and reached at a point where it is being used as bridal make-up. In this make-up, the colors of eye-shadow and lipstick are merged to be used more creatively.

In Holographic make-up, there is given a 3-D effect. Glitter, lipstick, and eye shadow are combined and used creatively for the face’s detailing. With various glitters and colors, the lips and eyes are highlighted. This is also known as unicorn effect. 


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