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Sourojit Roy

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What is it like to be a single parent-s child?


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Human beings are social animals. They want attention, company, protection and security. Our joint family system is now the thing of the past. Now maximum families are nuclear family only.  Even in nuclear families divorce has become common and children are living with either father or mother. By nature man and women have different qualities.

One cannot compensate other . Children need both of them. Sometimes they want to share their thoughts with mother and sometimes they want advice from fathers. It is difficult to substitute one with other.

Being a single parent's child is not at all a pleasure. Children need mother's love and father's protection. If either one of them is pampering the child, the other one will naturally tighten the noose. In this environment child will live a balanced life. But if the child is living with single parent then the parent may either be over protective or over pampering the child.

Single parent child in our country may face social, financial and cultural discrimination. As Indians give importance to culture and customs, it may be difficult for single parent child to mingle in the society. Here I am not criticising anybody. But this is in reality. The discrimination may not be there in metro cities. But in small towns initially the child has to face some or other misbehaving.  

Single parent are always a working parent. Because father/mother has to earn money to run the family. So the child will not have a company or care taker when he/she needs. Single parent children will always feel lonely and helpless. Even in summer holidays child has to spend the long days alone in waiting for the parent to come and give company.

Single parent has to do both the work of mother and father. They have to take care of home, shopping, banking, cleaning, car and other works. Where they will have time for a child?

But sometimes it may be a relief for the child to live with a single parent as there will be no quarrelling or shouting in the home. It will be better for the children if they live in a calm and peaceful environment with single parent then living  in a daily fighting and noisy miserable living with both the parents.Letsdiskuss


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