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Thalla Lokesh

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What is it like to start as a wedding planner?


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Any new business is exciting, but it is challenging as well. You feel good and positive, but you are also aware that there are going to be several hurdles in your way to success. And with every business, there are some things that should be always kept in mind. What a business requires of you, depends on the kind of business you have started.

Like all other businesses the business of a wedding planner is challenging and exciting at the same time. You may experience both negative and positive things while starting as a wedding planner.


Wedding planners, as the name itself suggests, are the ones who plan and arrange weddings and functions. For those who want to enjoy family functions’ without having the burden of responsibilities on their shoulders treat wedding planners as no less than gods. A wedding planner knows how to use your budget judiciously and give you the best output in the minimum price. From food to decoration, everything becomes the responsibility of the wedding planner in a wedding.

While starting with the work of wedding planner, don’t hesitate to take a small event or function. That’s how you’ll gain experience for bigger projects. Also, the risk with low budget events is low.

You also have to have leadership qualities because after all, it’s your ideas and your teams’ execution that will make the wedding a success.

You have to keep your creativity always at service and always have to believe in yourself. New work has its own fears but you need to learn to overcome these fears.

Always follow trend while deciding upon the wedding themes.

Never lose spirit and lose courage. You need to be an all-rounder to manage everything perfectly, as no one would like their special day getting spoiled.


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