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Satindra Chauhan

@letsuser | Posted 03 Jul, 2020 |

What is Jiomeet App, How it is work & how we can use it ? Share some amazing fact of app?

newasif seo

Blogger | Posted 11 Jul, 2020

JioMeet is made in India free video-conferencing application. It very well may be utilized for 1:1 video assembles and facilitating conferences with up to 100 members with big business grade have controls. Highlight Highlights. • Meeting in HD Audio and Video quality. • Create moment meeting and begin welcoming companions.

Scarlett Brown

Technical Writer | Posted 06 Jul, 2020

JioMeet is another video conferencing app like Skype or Zoom. You can install it on your device from Play Store and register yourself using your email id and phone number. The process is like any other app but there are a few additional features that this app offers.

The number of participants can range from 2 to 100 which was also possible with other similar apps. However, you don't need to sign up for joining a meeting. It's for starting a meeting that you must register and create an account.

Unlike many other apps where you have a time limit for free meetings, JioMeet allows you 24 hours of meeting without any disruptions.

It also has a "safe driving mode" in case you need to attend an urgent meeting while driving somewhere.

Most of the other features are similar to Zoom and Skype.

Harsh Pandey

@Harsh | Posted 04 Jul, 2020

Video Conferencing feature via apps has seen a massive boost among telecom customers all over India, especially in the service sector. Now catching up with the market trend Indian telecom service provider Reliance Jio has launched its own multi-platform video-conferencing application JioMeet. It has been released on Android OS and iOS users. It can be used to do one on one video calling along with a user hosting a meeting with up to 100 participants.

How It Works

In order to access the app one must log in with it's mobile number or email-ID. For group calls users to need to have a Unique Meeting ID to invite or join video calling sessions with other participants. Desktop users can directly click on the link name in order to join the video meeting via their browsers and without the installation of the application.

How To Download It

In order to download the JioMeet application users need to follow the step by step method :

  1. (Android Users) Go to Google Play Store and (iOS Users) Go to Apple App Store.
  2. Search For JioMeet
  3. Install the app on your smartphone
  4. Check the box mentioning 'agree to Terms and Conditions'.
  5. Click on " Join a meeting"  If you do not wish to register and only want to attend a meeting.
  6. For successful you need to generate OTP by entering your active mobile number, 
  7. After this app will ask you several access permissions, just click on "allow" to all of it.
  8. After giving all access permissions the app interface appears on your smartphone screen.

The JioMeet app has a user-friendly and easy to use interface. On the top of the screen, users can find four options- New Screen, Join, Schedule, and Share Screen. Below it is the option of Contact Requests. At the bottom, there are five options of Meet&Chat, Meetings, Contacts, Settings, and Help.

JioMeet App is supported on all Android devices running above Android OS 5.0 , All iOS devices (running on iOS 9 or above), and All Windows devices running on Windows 10.

Amazing Facts Of JioMeet App

  • It offers unlimited free (HD) High-definition video calls with the pixel quality being 720p approx.
  • Jio has claimed that all the video calls are encrypted which provides a full user privacy security guard.
  • There is no video call limit which means that 24 hr uninterrupted video calling is possible with this app.
  • Earlier Jio had launched it's beta version to test it's performance quality amongst the users before launching the official version.
  • Along with video calls, users can also send voice messages, text messages, file attachments to each other with the help of this app.
  • It is a multi-platform device that can support up to 5 devices at a time which can be switched during ongoing video calls.
  • The video meetings can be password protected in order to maintain personal privacy.