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Abdul Fairose

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What is life like for an Indian in Singapore?


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Individual from India in Singapore face Racism.Well,its not a issue with Indian only...others nationality people are also surviving with this,but due to there strong willing power ,they are living here from many years...

Infact lots of facility provided to these masses.These are following below:-

little India is well known as a food paradise for fans of Indian cuisine. Take a walk along Race Course Road, you will know how plentiful the options are.

Vast in quantity and small in price, those Indian restaurants are the good friends of tired travelers who need something tasty to ease the hunger or a bustling atmosphere to get inspirations for the next trip.

Affordable Indian restaurants can also be found in other areas. If you are around the Central Business District of Singapore, visit Tandoori Corner for a quick lunch or dinner. To have meal in a more tranquil setting, take a cab to Dempsey Hill and enjoy Indian food in a colonial open house.


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I don't know in actual how they treat Indian.


Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted on

As of now hardly 2,3 sovereign city-states are existed. Republic of Singapore is one of them. 

Singapore is a global center for all the main activities around the world. It is hub for tourism, fashion and trend, cultural activities, education and innovation, technology and science, entertainment , finance and even health care.

It is a mini world and because of neutrality it is also called Switzerland of Asia.  Although 75% of Singapore's population is Chinese, 9.1% of its population is Indians. As it is an Asian country, life in Singapore is somewhat similar to life in India, than the life of Indians in European countries. There is even a place called Little India is there in Singapore.

Singapore's main source of income is generated from tourism industry. So naturally cost of living will be more in Singapore compare to India. We will feel the pinch when we live there. Rent will be more than rent in Metro cities of India.

Unlike India, Singapore is well known for its cleanliness. You will not see a dirty or untidy street or locality there. It is mainly because of the people who lives there. So Indians also have to adopt those standards.

Connectivity and commuting is easy in Singapore. AS there are so many mode of transports available. And roads are covered with trees and it is a joy to drive or just go in public transport also.
It is safer than India. Girls can walk alone in the street  at night without any fear unlike India.

Most of the Singaporeans eat out only as it is convenient than cooking at home. And number of cuisines are available in restaurants.  So Indian women will love to live in Singapore than in India.

Children of Singapore are taught to be well behaved and well mannered.

Taxi drivers are friendly and conversational. So no need to be afraid.

But there is some disliking against foreigners as they are the reason for inflation, high cost of living, high rents, and non availability of jobs for native people. But it is there in Indian cities also. Mumbai is hating Biharis and UP people and vice versa.

But if you have good high paying job then there is no place in the world to live than Singapore.



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