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What is mistrial and Is a mistrial good or bad?


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Mistrial- Definition

The term ‘mistrial’ has a close connection to the law and regulations. Are you accused of any crime? Then you desire to get a defense that is strong enough. Right! You need to search for a team that has a well understanding of the law. Well, sometimes your rights get violated by the party standing opposite to you. So the team fighting for you must also be concerned about these factors. Suppose, any error occurs during the trial’s proceedings. Your attorney may request the judge of the court to declare a mistrial.

What is a mistrial exactly?

The ending of a trial in the terms of law known as a mistrial. When the trial ends or finishes before concluding with a verdict, we call it a mistrial.

Why does a mistrial happen?

After watching closely the overall situation, your attorney may ask for the declaration of a mistrial if any of the below-mentioned situations occur:

1.Some procedural errors took place
2.The witnesses’ were not considered at all.
3.Jury had declared a deadlock
4.The jury was prejudiced
5.Incapable of completing the trial with the prescribed period.

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Is a mistrial good or bad?

Has a mistrial declared by the judge? It means you are not acquainted and yet not found guilty. For the second time, a new panel of jury needs to be selected. And your attorney has to represent you fresh from the beginning.

A second trial is good for you as it provides the opportunity to prepare for the next time to prove you innocent. As the hung jury and mistrial get retired with the presumption of innocence, it is positive for you. A mistrial helps you gather more information about the prosecution’s evidence. A mistrial or a second trial also helps you get an idea of how your prosecution can present the case for the next time.

It concludes that a mistrial helps the accused person to present himself and his defense strong for the next time.


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The term Mistrial refers to the trial where an invalid or an error happens. When something awkward occurs and the required process does not processed, it is declared as mistrial. It can happened due to Statements that were made by a witness that were not allowed, procedure errors, Deadlock by a jury, a prejudiced jury, and failed trial. The declaration of mistrial is not always good and also not always bad. At the same time, mistrial can be harmful for public. 



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