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Aalia Singh

SEO Executive | Posted 04 Jul, 2020 |

What is Service Level Agreement?

sadaf sarwar

Blogger | Posted 07 Jul, 2020

Administration level understanding is an agreement between a specialist co-op and a definitive client who is the client. It characterizes the degree of administration to be given and how it is to be conveyed. The degree of administration definitions ought to be explicit and quantifiable.

Neeraj Nautiyal

Content Writer | Posted 05 Jul, 2020

Hey Aalia Singh,

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between the client and service provider. In other words it is a 'bond'. In this the client and the service provider agrees the terms and condition and mutually decides to accept or leave a certain task.

For Example: Let us suppose you are the higher authority in a Soap company and you are hiring new employees for the company in this case that is me. So, there will be a agreement between you and me regarding terms and condition of the job, job description, Salary and many more. I will sign the contract / bond or SLA if i find that the company is providing me enough like expected salary, good working hours and most important that company is hiring me for a period of time that is 1 year or something (this is what we agreed on contract).

Hope this clarifies your doubt.