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manish singh

phd student Allahabad university | Posted | others

What is the best thing about Narendra Modi?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

A portion of the Good Qualities of Honorable PM Narendra Modi are :-


Here is a pioneer who has both force and energy. We have seen political pioneers who had visionary reasoning and we have seen a few chiefs who had an eye for the subtleties, however Narendra Modi can do both. While his eyes are centered around the stars his feet are immovably on the ground.

at the point when he entered the focal corridor unexpectedly.

Narendra Modi bowing to a political dissident in Varanasi ( prior to being chosen as PM )


From a Poor Chai wala to the Prime Minister of the world's biggest popularity based Country isn't a Joke, That too despite seemingly insurmountable opposition from different quarters. A genuinely daring and successful individual.

He turns out vigorously for over 18 hours every day, all as the year progressed.


I don't need to enlighten anything regarding his correspondence or rhetoric aptitudes, Even his Oppenents acknowledges that he is perhaps the best speaker.


man of extraordinary Wisdom and information: has an eye for subtleties, incredible scholar, visionary and Strategist. He makes individuals think and plan for the following 10–20 years, similar to Mr. Vajpayee and chipping away at expanding foundation and exhausting assets, similar to, water, clean air, power, great network, lodging, wellbeing and nourishment for all, Smart City, DMIC, Bullet Train, and so on notwithstanding dreading of loosing political decision


He follows a tiresome timetable 24x7, 365 days in a year. Once in a while is he late for the capacities which he needs to address.

He didn't take a solitary leave in his 13 years residency as the Chief priest of Gujarat.


He is determinate towards his activity. He doesnt act like different government officials he puts stock in real life. His approach or choices may not be correct in every case except his goal are in every case right which gives him enough fortitude to take intense choices.

Trusts in real life: His activities are stronger than his words. His devotion, responsibility, cleverness, viable utilization of assets and persevering nature makes him a good example for some. He isn't the man of words he is the Man of Action.



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