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Aarti Gumber

Blogger | Posted 03 May, 2021 |

What is the best way to heal a headache?

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@MENU | Posted 03 May, 2021

Headaches are of various types like-anxiety,gastric,sinusitis (sinus infe ction),migrain, sleeping disorder etc.Ways to heal from headache are:
1.Anxiety-we should keep our body relax or having sound sleep.
2.Gastic-dry gooseberry or lukewarm water is effective.
3.Migrain-try cold pack on forehead.
4.Sinus-smell of roasted black cumin seeds.

Praveen Kumar

Freelancer | Posted 03 May, 2021

I think, you should avoid your phone for some time (if you use much) and take enough rest and get well soon!