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Rahul Mehra

Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted 11 Aug, 2018 |

What is the best way to memorize or remember what you study-read?

Gaurav vashisht

Gaurav vashisht

Blogger | Posted 06 Apr, 2020

Initial, a joke from the Indian Institute of Technology:

A school senior revealed to me a mystery once. In the event that you need to top in the IIT, study two days before test.

Since every other person will examine? - One day before the test.

Presently to the genuine science:

There are a couple of approaches to move toward this issue, and I would tell from my own understanding as I needed to experience a great deal of tests throughout my life in IIT, and I had the option to make sure about position one in my group. Obviously notwithstanding understanding the subject, retention was a huge piece of my learning procedure.

Here is the way I have seen highest understudies at IITs doing this, and I concede, I am the same.

ONE: The main thing about getting the hang of everything without exception is to completely get it. To improve your comprehension of any point regardless of what that theme is, is to initially comprehend it from the nuts and bolts, and beat the comprehension to death by all edges. To accomplish this, consistently start with an easier book regarding the matter. Heaps of individuals get the most unpredictable books regarding the matter and they believe that they would understand it and comprehend it superior to other people. But since those books are intricate, regularly they don't get the chance to comprehend the subject.

Dev Airon

Dev Airon

अतिरिक्त आबकारी व... | Posted 28 Aug, 2018

What is the best way to memorize or remember what you study/read?

Do this and you will memorize better and remember much longer.


If you find it difficult to retain and quickly forget what you learnt and make silly mistakes in exams It means you are doing it the wrong way - reading mechanically without understanding and absorbing. When it comes to answering even the simplest questions you draw blank. 

How should you study

  • Read slowly absorbing the concept.
  •  Read again and underline the key points n phrases.
  •  Mentally reproduce the topic.
  • Write a summary.

Thus there will be four continuous readings and reviews and the topic will get deeply embedded in your brain, 

  •    It is time to solve problems and answer questions. Answering questions will fill gaps in your understanding. Start with simple questions and proceed gradually to more complicated questions.
  •  If there is a diagram draw it with your own hand. Label it in details so that you are sure that you understand the concept. 
  • Move on to the next topic. Repeat the above process.
  •  Keep away from social networking sites. Don't spend over 10 minutes in a day.
  • Keep your mobile on silent mode and away from you. Call back later. Let your friends understand.
  •  KEEP REVISING - Revise key points and tough material at least once a month. These are likely to be forgotten soon and need frequent revision. Else you may panic when it is exam time.
  • Keep your study area neat and tidy.


  • Set apart two months for this. 
  • Leave 15 days for final revision.
  • During first 45 days plan a Schedule for the entire course chapter wise. Do not allot more than 7 hours on a full day for this. Keep an evening free after every 3 days of concentrated study.  It means average 5 hours a day.
  • Allot more time for Math and science.
  • Solve previous years’ papers. 
  • Solve previous years’ papers. 
  •  Take 10 minute breaks while studying. It will keep your energy level high and your efficiency will stay in top gear. Else your battery may deep discharge and recovery will be difficult. you may then feel discouraged.  60 minutes study – 10 minutes break - 50 minutes study – 15 minutes break - 45 minutes study – TWO hour break
  • In evening break move outdoor in greenery. Absorb oxygen and sunlight. Play, walk briskly, go swimming.  Have a blast. 
  • Exam Days - Sleep in time on previous night. Get up fresh and rested. Attempting exam with rested mind will impart speed and accuracy in exam which is so crucial in today's competitive world - where even half a mark makes all the difference between success and failure.


Ajay Paswan

Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted 12 Aug, 2018

The existing educational policies and studying pattern which are only limited to pen and paper tests force us to remember or memorize whatever we read distinctly and accurately. You must have often heard your teachers say to you, “the definition should be just as it is given in your textbook”. Our education system is more about cramming the things and vomiting them out on a sheet of paper which decides your future (near future at least).

What we need to understand is true education, which leads to knowledge and wisdom does not come with remembering or memorizing what we study, but by understanding it. Once you understand what you are studying thoroughly, you would never forget it for sure. You may retain the basic essence of it which you should be intelligent enough to put in your own word so that it refrains you from using the bookish language.

Note that what needs to be retained is only the concept and the essence, which can be expressed in thousands of ways and the way given in your textbook is just one of those thousands. Always remember that you are studying for a greater good than just filling sheets in examination and scoring marks.

• To make your memory sharp for various activities as well as studies, the best way is to concentrate. Better concentration leads to better understanding and further helps you to memorizing things.

• Revising your topics of study is also helpful.

• For things like diagrams and tables, practicing on paper will help in understanding and getting familiarized better.

• Always study when you are refreshed. Studying while you are sleepy or tired will so no good.

• Keep taking short breaks during studies.

What is the best way to memorize or remember what you study-read?

( Courtesy : The Science Explorer )