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Meetali Asiwal

English content writer | Posted 05 Jul, 2018 |

What is the biggest problem of Artificial Intelligence?

Urmila Solanki

BBA in mass communication | Posted 16 Jul, 2018

The problem with Artificial Intelligence can be guessed by its name itself. It is the recreation of the most important gift with which the universe has endowed us humans -Intelligence. And as we all say, technology is innocent. This means the result of AI is intelligence without the burden of any responsibility. Yes, Hollywood has given us numerous ideas through science fiction to make use of AI, but it has give us the signals of warning too. Marvel movie "Age of Ultron" is one of the many examples when the technological products of even the most confident of scientists wrecked havoc in the universe. 

Now it's up to your perception if you want to see it as an exaggeration, but it has been already predicted that if AI is capable of unprecedented development, it is capable of unprecedented destruction too.

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | |Updated 06 Jul, 2018

Having its own brain? Learning? Evolving? Acting independently?

The biggest benefits are also the biggest problems of Artificial Intelligence. But then again, this statement is rather generic. To be more precise, one of the biggest problems of Artificial Intelligence is that majority of people fail to understand its limitation. Many of us believe that AI is some kind of magical pot that would eliminate world’s problems in a flick. Yes, while their growth and evolution are certainly aimed at solving problems. However, to what extent will we reach that goal is yet to be seen. Because believe it or not, we’re all expecting a lot from this technology. And a large part of the blame goes to Hollywood movies and fiction books. 

AI has plenty of limitations even when recognized at their best. Running on algorithms that are based on multiple loops of self-growing logics, this technology will always find a dead-end, which might lead it to make some fatal decisions. Because let’s not even kid—a lot that happens in this world and how things function, they all falls beyond the boundaries of logic. For example, on many occasions, humans do not necessarily act on their logic; they are often influenced by emotions. Indeed, we’re hearing how scientists are trying to infuse emotions in AI (it could be even more dangerous but that’s a different topic altogether). But that idea itself seems very skeptical. 

So, what’s the biggest problem of artificial intelligence? 

In short, we, humans, need to understand – and even embrace – the limitations of AI. We should stop treating it as some kind of magic. It can turn out that AI might not necessarily solve all of our problems. In fact, it might become a problem in itself.

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