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Medha Kapoor

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What is the cause of Neha Kakkar’s depression?


BBA in mass communication | Posted on

Before going up to this question, we should ponder if whatever she is suffering through is actually depression or not. Depression is often mistaken as extreme sadness and people forget how serious a mental condition it is/could be.

According to the rumors and news circling around, the cause of Neha Kakkar’s so-called depression is her split-up with the former beau Himansh Kohli. She was proposed by him on the sets of Indian Idol itself and she confessed that the Yaariyaan actor is the kind of guy she might marry in future.
Neha Kakkar, whom her fans have always known as a bubbly-girl, singing party songs is suddenly seen transformed and the real reason, according to me cannot just be a relationship that was not even a year long. The break-up, however, can be a contributing factor.

According to me, it is just a low phase she’s going through, which will eventually shed off. 
She is after all, a hit singer. She’s the name behind the majority of hit songs of 2018. Her recent song Aankh Maare is topping the chartbusters, and the fever of Dilbar has not yet cooled down. Another song Chamma Chamma is about to release, and she right now is indulged in a national tour. In the Ahmadabad chapter of the tour, she made a show crying and telling people about the struggles of the stars.

She said that she will perform despite her blues (someone please tell her she has been paid to perform and is not returning any favor to anyone).


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